Kathy Begins Her Adventures

I began this blog to share my adventures in life. Some were not so good but have a valuable lesson involved. That is one of my desires in life is to help others. To show you the “red flags”, get your eyes and hearts open. I have some wonderful adventures with great blessings. I figure that I will even learn more from blogging and reading others blogs as well. I love to try new products and review them for others. I even love to read new books and it is great to hear what others get out of what they think the writer is saying to the reader. Why I and what I do in this life is for God first. My family will always be a big priority. I am really proud of my daughter’s and constantly brag about them. How can I not? They are two beautiful girls! 

My daughter’s and I in Orlando, Florida in February 2011.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope we can all get to know one another and learn something as well as have fun!