I felt such anxiety while I sat in my bedroom. Why was everyone over? What am I gonna do? I trusted that man more than God. I hear the knock on my door. I had such fear in my heart to answer it. As I open the door my father appears. He is so hurt in his eyes and his voice. He should be as I hurt him and the family. I shamed them all. He told me to get out of the house. I kind of didn’t blame him at that time even though I was freaked out. His last words that day have haunted me for nearly five years. “I know you lost your mother, but I lost my wife.”  I still cry deep inside my soul as I hear those words cringe deep inside. I was “dating” a con artist. I chose him over my family. My dad’s family warned me and I didn’t care. I thought I know what I am doing. I didn’t believe anything anyone said. Well, I did not want to because I was lonely, depressed, and hopeful. I was in another world. I know I knew there were “red flags” and God telling me, “GET OUT KATHY”!! But I thought I knew what I was doing. As I look back at that day I realize that becoming “homeless” was the best thing for me. I was not perfect during my dark hours and my journey as I shall share with you soon. I am thankful to no longer be homeless and have my life. I  am trusting God again and moving on, moving forward.