Poetry-My Soul

Where oh where did my soul go? I feel lost and saddened. Like death appearing over me in darkness and pain. The light is shining up above but for many lightyears ahead of me. The dark pain feels like a knife running through my skin to my blood. The blood inside my body burns with a screaming pain. My bones are wanting to escape my body of suffering.


Red Flags with Jobs

In recent months my boyfriend has been searching for new employment. He works in the construction industry. More over with industrial and homes, such as mirrors, shower doors, electrical, carpentry, etc. He worked for a temp agency for a few months who claimed they have jobs for him. He of course kept in contact with them and I added to his resume the recent position held with their company working electrical for a storage unit. Okay, so no one replies. Even the company who hired this agency told him he was taking him and then they weren’t. Seriously people, don’t say it if you don’t mean it! Men and women are counting on a job to become permanent, etc. They are feeding themselves, paying rent/ mortgages, etc. So he ends up going on interviews, bam one after the other one with his resume. Okay, gets a call on a Friday and gets hired. Well, this company was going to start work either Monday or Tuesday, rain day so Wednesday was cancelled. Whatever, right?! Next thing you know he goes in to work a job on Thursday, it is a half day job. Well, did they not say full-time? No calls for a week about times. This company sends text messages at night when and where to show up at ridiculous hours at night. Well, he went on another interview, was told he was hired and the latest he would start is this coming Monday. He filled out all the paperwork, did the drug test, etc. So you fill out all the work to aggravate your hand? No thank you!! Never heard back. The guy who runs this place, (also a temp agency) does not return calls.

I know this is lots of mush back and forth here. But I agree with him that there are red flags. Is this how you should run your businesses? I am not saying his name or the business names. I do not want to lose his chance at either job. But really so wrong on either level. These are jobs I have prayed for him and he even prayed for.

My message is very clear, I hope and pray for ALL of you out there searching for the right job. I hope and pray that you do not get scammed out of getting paid or anything. I really hope this companies are just new and growing and just taking time to hit off with them. But when you start a business of your own, it takes guts and glory from what I have seen and heard. I give you all my best in your journey of hope and security with a decent paying job to pay for your life.

I Welcome You….

My heart breaks when I see or know there is pain in other’s lives. I wish I could fix it but I know I can not fix EVERYTHING!! I can be a part of my community, my being, my soul inside. We may have all heard in our lifetimes the saying, “choose your own battles”. Yes, but there is to a point. If we see something going on that is not safe or where we can present help when needed, please do so. I have been silent in my past for others and others the same as myself. It does not mean they will listen. Don’t we all have a message to share amongst ourselves? I have what I call my “theme song” to my life right now. It is called, “Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here”. Use those guidelines if need be to help other’s. My “go to Bible verse” for many years has been, Isaiah 40:31. Take time to read it, look it up. I have a “go to happy song”, it is called, “Over the Rainbow”. I am sure you have either read these or heard about them. But my challenge is for you this weekend readers to look this up and find your theme song for your life right now, your verse/aspiring thought, your go to happy song.