My okay what do I do now….yep….

So there is a Professor at my school who apparently dislikes me. It is completely obvious. This afternoon I went to an Early Childhood Education Meeting. She is basically in charge. Any Teacher, Instructor or Professor is just an advisor. She did not want “select” students, like me be any part of the board. Even though she said, “all students are part of our committee and she would like class representatives which would be the rest of you.” In our group we have a wide range of ages and it’s awesome!! She just does not like me at all! I took one of her courses online over the summer. Never again! She even criticized how another Professor in our department was ‘in charge’ three years ago and ruined the whole thing. Basically once again the teacher’s are there as advisors. I am going to ask a couple of people I know and can trust at school tomorrow. This will then decide if I really want to be a part of that group fully. It was an odd experience. Even today the school had a “career fair”. I am not all that satisfied with it since you could not fit at least one Professor from each department to go over information for you. Yep, that’s my dilemma for tonight boys and girls.