End of a Season

Here we go saying goodbye to another season on this planet we call earth. Seasons come and seasons go. I really can never say which one I love the best. I feel as though I have been blessed by all one way or another. This summer end is different for me. As I go into my second semester at Waubonsee Community College as an older adult and do I mean older I am reminded of the love of my dear Grandma. My beautiful Grandma passed away suddenly this summer. It was just before the fall session started. One minute she was on facebook commenting and posting like she could and the next she was bed ridden and unable to speak. She had end stage renal failure. She passed at hime in her bed in her sleep basically. I think she did not want to fight. She had to bury my mom nearly 5 years next month. And she could not get herself to bury her son, my uncle about 3 years ago. I know God has plans for us on this earth but the enemy wants to destroy us with famine, disease, cancer, murder, bombings, etc. Parents tend to want their children to live. I will never understand what my dear Grandma went through all those years ago with my mom and uncle. I never buried a child and I pray I do not. But it seems as seasons change, school starts, ends, year changing, babies being born, a person passes this earth. A season changing.

Please feel free to read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. It sums up my seasons in a way. Life in general. May God Bless your weekend!!

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