Helping Hands

I am currently working on my life story, in other words my memoir. It is bringing up so much good and bad memories. But the good ones are going to outlay the bad ones. The bad memories are those I have survived through. With writing this memoir it is reminding me of when I was young and people had those “Helping Hand” signs in their windows. We had that in Ohio, they were there in case you needed to get to safety.

I feel like that saying should go about today. “Helping Hands” can be defined in may areas. Such as homelessness, families in your communities and schools, church groups, shelters, and abused children. God has put this upon my heart to resolve in my life right now. Seeing my memoir get worked on, by me of course, the t-shirts hung in our campus student center with messages of domestic violence and assault against women. Just these ‘little things’ mean an entire world to me.

I encourage you to look up That is the website for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I happened to have been on one of their milk cartons at one time in my life. If I knew how to add a picture to this besides up top, I would add this. If it was not for those ‘helping hands’ in my neighborhood and schools I would not be here today. I am truly grateful for that.



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