Keep Holding On….

I believe in that you can “keep holding on” to those fabulous memories of your loved ones, and to use the words as encouragement as well. There are many statements and words that we can define in many aspects.

First let’s look at the “GOOD MEMORIES”! Always remember those, whether that person is on this earth anymore or not. I have a friend who lost her daughter to suicide. I love how she cherishes her beautiful daughter. She is representing the life her daughter had even though the last days were so dark for her baby girl. It is very unimaginable for any parent to lose a child, whether it be a serious illness, sudden accident, or suicide. We as a community of friends and family need to respect and love them. They are going through something unbelievable. God needs them to be lifted, not brought down. So “hold on” to your beautiful memories and NEVER apologize for loving your child.



We all need to “hold on” to something. We are feeling distraught and in pain. We need to encourage one another and help build up our brothers and sisters in Christ. Inspiration is the best we can do!!

Many of you may think of Avril Lavinge’s song, “Keep Holding On”. I have enjoyed that song as well. So think of “HOLDING ON” to what is best for you to grow in life, not bring you down. Ignore the negative comments. Know in your heart of hearts what is right.






Daily Prompt: Graceful

I think the word “graceful” can be defined in many ways. First comes to mind, God and how He shows me grace and helps me become “graceful” in my own life. God’s grace is over me and my heart and that helps me move along in life.

Another interpretation would be me and how I try to be “graceful” and I just trip and fall all the time. I was born clumsy. I have a sense of humor about this for sure.

I think these two things here make what is best about me and my life. God made me “graceful”. One to enjoy His grace by His spirit. Two to have a sense of humor when it comes to falling down.