My Own Sociology Project

Hello my blogger friends. I took a week long, “no internet”. It felt great to rejuvenate! I encourage everyone to try something like that. I did have to do a quick check for a scan to my email on Friday and check for a class on Monday but that was it. It gave me more time to work on my writing and my life. I just wanted to let you all know I am still here and going to catch up the best I can on all your blogs.

I also did another challenge this past month. No makeup or jewerly. I wanted to see reactions from friends, outsiders, stores and just people in general. Also being overweight and how the public perceives women. Professors and classmates treated me the same way as well as the cafeteria here at Waubonsee Community College. I am thankful for a school that is equal amoung us all. That respect is given to all individuals. This was my experience at school. I did go to the mall on Sunday with a friend and noticed that the world is somewhat changing for me. People who worked at the store were friendly to me. Even though I looked around at departments that were not my size. This was not my past experience being overweight, without makeup, jewerly, and just in jeans. I ended up getting compliments on my toop and jacket matching. I am totally grateful for my experience in this individual project of mine.

I know that I am who God created and I am grateful for that. I am happy to be on this earth and explore and learn things. Thank you for letting me share this past week off the internet and my month long of no makeup. Have a blessed day!

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