Well, we are getting our new kitten fixed on Monday morning, finally! No if’s and’s or but’s about it! This so needs to be done. You can only imagine what he is like terrorizing my sane adult female, sweet, kind, and gentle Rain. This little guy is a terror. I know he means no harm, right?

Isn’t that what they all say at first?! Oh Lord help me!

So, my boyfriend has been taking this “fixing of Petey” rather personal. As if it is him. It is not him!

It’s a cat people, a kitten rather! He is adorable I will give you that. Why do you think I went to go get him when it was posted.

“Cat needs home, come get now!” Well it was said in different terms but you get the point. Yes I am a sucker! I know, fool me once, fool me twice thing. And yes I did try to help out a dog. He was sweet and innocent but my apartment at the time was just too small. So, I brought this adorable kitten home. No I did not prepare well. You would think a 46-year-old woman would know better. Hey, I never said I was a genius now, did I?

So, my dear cat Rain is just not liking him at all. She is an adult and he is a kitten full of play. She is set in her ways, kinda like me! So you could imagine the boyfriend coming home to this lovely sight. And of course he must deal with me daily. Sorry, you knew what you got into when ya met me!

Petey has been attacking my sweet precious Rain. It gets annoying. But his face and eyes make him look so darn innocent! Just like when your pets and children sleep and you think, “hey they could do no harm.” Ha! Well, the boyfriend came home from work last night and said, “he is getting fixed, I give in.” Of course he will not go to drop him off early in the morning or pick him up at the end of the day. He just can’t imagine doing that to someone.

Once again people, it is just a kitten. And I know a sweet little guy who loves to sleep next to you on his pillow at night. I get it. But he will be fine and less “cat drama” on the home front. It will work out in the end.



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