I have happened to notice for myself, that is– the beautiful smell of life helps me want to live it! Each season we have these amazing scents of candles that blend inside our souls that just make us feel real. It makes me feel ALIVE! Even indoor/outdoor cooking and baking has that same effect for me.

I have suffered anxiety and depression for many years. For me when summer hits, the smell of the grills, making a nice fresh salad, windows open, and a fresh lightly scented candle make me feel out of the dumps. It makes me feel that this is my life and I am allowed to enjoy it and be happy. I no longer need to punish myself to hide inside from all my mistakes forever!

I would love to theorize that scents/aromas could help those with depression, anxiety, and other situations. It brings me happiness. It may not cure me in one second. But think about it, is there a perfume smell, candle, meal, and/or dessert that makes you feel all good and comfy inside? I enjoy the smell of a home cooked meal over takeout. I love when a turkey is in the oven. These things make a difference for me. I am allowing them to make me happy rather than sad.

This is short and sweet with the fact to enjoy life! I am doing the best I can while I am here! God Bless!