How Are You Being Socially Aware In Today’s World?




It seems that we have gone off the band wagon of being more conscious of what we do, when we do it, and what have you.


When will we begin to accept people for who they are? Each of us is a unique individual. What an awesome gift that it is! I believe that God created us as “equal” human beings and also as individuals. So, what is my point?? I don't know smile






The point is to be “aware” of what is going on around us so much better. We tend to call things, stupid, dumb, and many other choice words. Is this what we want to teach our children? Is this what we want to be as educators? What about someone in the medical field, social services, etc? Then there is your basic everyday life of going to the grocery store, department stores, and gas stations as such. So do we let the person in line in front of us who have just a couple items vs our cart so full it is overflowing? Do you see someone coming out the door after you and you just let it go where it can hit them or something? No, we need to be aware.




Being “SOCIALLY AWARE” is from many areas. It is what is basically surrounding you. If you are at work, with your family, or at school you pay attention to what someone said. To me just your basic common sense. I just have noticed that this world I am living in has removed itself from the Good Samaritan Act. It is not just helping someone who fell, it is about the recovery from the fall.



This is not that hard to be honest. Be kind, loving, nice, use your manners. Honestly weren’t we taught this when we were all 2?

That is basically all I felt like sharing with you on this subject. Oh no worries, I’ll be back with more my dear friend’s and blogger’s!


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