What My 20 Year Old Taught Me


Sometimes in life we do not pay attention too much around us, even politically. Yes, I used the “P” word! Surprised smile This is one area where no one likes to go. People loose friendships over this and there are awful words said to others. We complain on social media how we are so sick of the mud swinging of words used against one another, as in the political debates with our candidates. However, we as human beings begin to do the same against our friends and family but things ends up worse. People get deleted and blocked but it ends up that family and friends of many many years are no longer talking. This is not how it should be. Why not agree to disagree? Must you be always ‘right” in your mind? How do you even know you are accurate with all ‘your’ mud slinging as well?


I am constantly saying to be ‘socially aware’ and that is true. But I feel that I have learned a BIG lesson in this thanks to my youngest daughter this morning. And as a mom I could not be more proud of her, who she became on her own, all that she will continue to be, and what life is going to bring her.



She sent me an inbox on Facebook this morning asking who I am voting for. I responded but I wanted to know why. I knew there was more to this story and a lesson to learn here. She stated her feelings about this election in an adult way. No swearing at me or anyone, no name calling, and no crap basically. She showed me more maturity than most adults I have seen on all social media forms lately. But she is right, it is politics and it basically sucks in my eyes. Lies are out there and she made sure I knew to check the PROPER resources which I have really not. I do not watch television nor the news. I get my news info from my news apps. I am concerned what is actually right. I agreed with her that the .gov sites are the best. To be honest the main two candidates may have some “problems” behind closed doors but what is the choice we need to pick in the end. I know I am going a bit further into what she said to me but she opened my brain and that is exactly what this 46 year old lady needed!


As you can tell Hello Kitty is once again my chosen candidate for 2016!!

But overall, we really need to learn to listen to our children and youth today. They have more to say then we actually allow them.

Thank you to my baby girl for being so bright!!

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