I am sitting here waiting to get on the plane to D.C. for the #AWP2017. Flight leaves at 6am and I am super tired! I have had some anxiety for this trip last night. I felt lilke not going to this event at all. Then I was fine. Now just sitting at the airport, such anxiety. I honestly feel alone from this group.

I hurt my knee again yesterday.  I twisted it and tripped going outside. This right knee of mine needs some serious help. I do not want the group to feel like they need to slow down for me. I prefer to just go like I do.

So with this anxiety I just need to chill out! Pray. Enjoy this moment given to me by such an opportunity that I feel is unbelievable.

I personally have not traveled for about 3 1/2 years by plane. So just getting organzied to pack and get on a plane is anxiety. But this to shall pass.

Day Two of this event has me happy. The morning portion of the convention was so awesome!! I had a great lunch with cousin who works out here. But later on to late afternoon/beginning evening my anxiety took over my body. I just want to go home. I can’t freak out and it is not cool. I just want to be home. I love the conference and want to do this but it could be my knee and the pain from my EDS (Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome). Upon returning to my hotel after lunch while I walked in the foyer my knee turned funny and I could not walk. I feel and know that this is the anxiety that is causing me my troubles.


I will keep you all updated with events throughout this weekend. Again I am at the AWP Conference, Association of Writers and Writing Programs.

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