Just. Right. There.

The beauty was one of none other. It could not be made by a human being. It was just there. Just. Right. There. Close your eyes my friend. Yes. close them I said. Now, when we imagine things of beauty put yourself there. What do you see? Let us start with the sun is shining bright, the sky is a beautiful blue with high up clouds for your angel, tree’s are a perfect shade of green, the grass has no dead brown, it is the perfect shade of green. All yards are perfectly set with no mistakes. People are watering their yards if need be and the kids are out playing. Dogs are out for walks. Everyone is happy and pleasant. There is no hate or crime. Everyone gets along in this world. There would be no diseases and illnesses. Could this happen to our world? Or am I in my imaginary world that I wish I had to give to others?


I always had a vivid way of imagery in my life but getting it down on paper has been really hard for me. I hope one day to get it right! via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

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