My Oils

We all have dealt with stress, exhaustion, and trying to keep up with daily tasks. Whether it is in school, with your household, or your job. I need to not let my stress control me anymore. The more it does my brain decides, okay Kathy let us get you back to depression, anxiety, and fear of your PTSD. Yes, I have those diagnosis’ but also OCD and Bi-Polar. I have been throgh many a dangerous way. Some by my fault and some not by my fault at all. It has taken me to the age of 47 and going back to college since last summer to get where I am. No, I am not perfect and that is fine with me. I have an amazing faith in God and know I will get through it all.

I was introduced to Essential Oils about 2 years ago. My friend’s mom did a raindrop massage. It really benefited me. I prayed prior to going to her home. I had no clue what the oils were doing to my body. I do not like to take medication. I know there may be some I am going to need and I hope and pray that one day I can get off some of them. Well, in May I went to a freind’s party. Yes, I actually left my house for an event! I was hooked! I am in love with the oils. This past month I have felt so much healing. I have a diffuser on right now with lavender and stress away. I honestly needed this today. I have used thieves on my heart when the family dog Xena passed away a couple weeks ago. It really helped. It amazes me that everywhere I turn I find another thing to learn. Another way to heal, For two years I haave been using peppermint oil for my headaches and migraines. I am even on less medication!

Oils Party