Enjoying My Life

Have you ever struggled with something in your life you thought you could never survive, let alone deal with?

Yes, this has happened to me numerous times and I am proud to say that I am surviving and keep on pursuing my dreams in life.

No one knows exactly what another person is going through in life. You seem to think you know but you do not. Telling a person who deals with anxiety and depression to just go out is not a way to solve their struggle in life. Therapy and medication and relaxation methods can help at times. But if you really want to understand a person’s mental illness, which is not a bad word people, go to nami.org or respectable hospitals such as; Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins.

Telling a person to leave their house who has a condition that makes it hard for them adds more stress to their recovery. This has happened to me. Through therapy and I still am going through therapy, I find ways to deal with small steps outside of my home. The past year I have been working with a great agency that is helping me and I am very pleased with how much I have improved. I still have things I want to change about myself but it’s all good, right!

I use Young Living Essential Oils and since sometime in May I have felt a difference in my body. The oils are a strong scent but rather refreshing and my diffuser is an amazing way to make me feel free and fresh in life. I am enjoying my life like there is no other. I truly thank God everyday for this.



I thought I would share a bit from my life today and what I am learning about Young Living’s Essential Oils. There is so much I can share with you about the products. Please contact me on here if you would love to do a class. There is a way we can work it out.

But bback to my meaning of enjoying life, please do! Our life is so short, and know that I care for you and pray for you.

Good Night All!

Until next time….