Why did you never tell me how you felt all those years?
Were you not proud of all I could do?
I know you worked hard all your life but what about what I did for you?
I gave up my life to do things for you.
Did you not care for everything I did for you?
I worried and cared for everything you went through in your life and yet when I went through something, anything you showed no compassion, no empathy.
What kind of love is that?
What kind of parenting is that?
What kind of grand parenting is that to show?
Why did you not write a single letter before the end to say you did love me at all?
Or at least a letter to your grandchildren?
I am not going to do that to my children, my sister, or my grandson with my health right now.
Why is life so short?
Why did I not realize that so?
How come I did not seem to acknowledge that as much as I could?
Why did I work so much that I missed on so much of my girls’ lives?
Why am I not realizing that I am like my family before me?
We run around and do not see.
Because we do as we see in this life.
All I wish for is my kids do not get the “why’s” in life.
No more “why’s”.
More life.

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