Food Lies We Tell Ourselves

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There are times we allow food to control our lives. Food is to nourish our bodies. When we become so dependent on eating to not eating, as an obsession we then have signs of an eating disorder. How and why we got there is the key to it. And no it is not that easy.

I have been there for many reasons all around. Kind of scary for women but I have realized in the past two weeks observing how severe it is on men in our world.

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There is always this trying to look good or be perfect scenario. There is also something deeper down inside that produces our souls to have an eating disorder. Eating disorders are serious and should never be taken lightly. Anorexia, bulimia, over eating, excessive exercise, excessive calorie noting and such can lead to serious health conditions in the future, even death. Yes death.

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We may have all heard of singer Karen Carpenter who passed away due to her long suffering of complications from her anorexia. She was with the duo act the Carpenters. Her heart failed due to this. I do remember this story. I was 13 when she died. It was really scary to me. The Carpenters music was my parent’s (my mom & step dad) favorite, they used one of their songs for their wedding. They were married in 1980 and their music was very inspirational to them as well as many today.

You might be wondering, hmmm what is Kathy’s point here? It is not just anorexia that can cause death. Obesity due to constant over eating can cause serious health issues. You can be at risk for diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and many other health issues. Obesity can also cause pain on your physical body as well as your mental status.

Why do I care and what do I know? Well I have tried the starving myself for weight loss. I have also had my issues with bulimia. I have been so depressed I sat down on the couch and ate a bag of chips and cookies with soda pop. Well, none of that solved a single thing in my life. All it has done is cause arthritis and pain in my knees. Now I have some balance issues as in I am clumsy but having been overweight does not help this at all. I have this always wanting to present myself a certain way and never letting anyone know that I am struggling with anything. I must look perfect at all times so no one knows what is going on deep down inside. My mom was like that and some of it came down on me. Well, one day it exploded and I just did not care about myself anymore. Well, I am here to say that you can get back on track. I need to continue to care for my overall health but for now I am stable in my health and mental status.

I have watched my youngest deal with anorexia and go from outpatient and then back to the inpatient program. It was hard to see what she was going through because as a mother this was something I could not fix. It was not like a cold or cough where I could buy medicine or go to the doctor to fix her. Mom’s want to fix the problem and help their child as you do not want to see your child in pain. I am grateful she is doing good. It does take time with recovery and you need to understand that. You also need to understand and respect that there could be triggers and have some empathy where that is involved.

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We as a society and educational market seem to say, “hey be your best”. Or there is that coach that says, “you are not good enough, can you do better”? How are those words helping our youth? That stays with you as you age. Even going into your 50’s you will remember this.

What I do know is that when you start to lie about eating think about that. I get that someone might fib once but when it becomes a constant issue please talk to someone. When we become obsessed with calories or journaling to have the least amount of food and calories is not good. Even an obsessed amount of exercise can not be healthy for your mental health. There is nothing wrong with wanting to watch what you are putting in your mouth and exercising just watch the signs. With any addictive personality it is easy to get hooked to do these kind of things. 

I encourage you to find it in your heart what is right for your health. Talk honestly with your physician therapist or a Pastor at your church. Find what the healthy decision is for you. But be REALLY honest within yourself. I care and so do many others. God Bless, Kathy


Hidden Secrets

We all have or have known someone who has struggled with a hidden secret. Secrets can be dark, they can be as little as a present or surprise party. There is a time when some secrets need to come out of your locked box to help you for the good.

I am a woman who was a child of abuse, including sexual abuse. I have also been raped and sexually assaulted in my lifetime. I am currently 49 years old and I would never wish this on anyone. I know there is worse out there. I was a victim and continued to be a victim for years. I finally got help and became a survivor of sexual abuse.

What I am not saying is to go on television and announce that this happened. You do not have to. But you do need to deal with it. PTSD has been a part of my entire life. And quite frankly I am sick of it. When we hold things back our memories stay hidden but the triggers get worse. Yes you can still have triggers after and while going through therapy. While going through your therapy you learn how to cope with the triggers. It will not be easy at times but it will help.

Secrets can also destroy families. Hidden secrets of dishonesty and disloyalty. Those are also heart breaking. When hearing of a spousal’s affair or if your child is pregnant and aborted the baby without telling you. You get the gist of familial secrecy. It can be hard to repair but through therapy some things can be bestowed for them.

Work secrets can cause tension and brew up tension in other areas. Thus begins rumors. Again be cautious on keeping secrets at work if you know information that is highly unethical, immoral, and if it can cost you your job. Those kind of secrets can turn into rumors which will likely turn back on you. Be careful to not be placed in that situation when someone at work puts you in that situation. Is it really worth losing your job for?

Hidden secrets can be found anywhere. Please never hide the urgency of abuse, rape, domestic violence, pregnancy. Decisions need to be made, doctor appointments, treatment and whatever else need be. Families have much to discuss and plan what to do next. No matter the age your child is affected. Most importantly is to not let your secrets turn into rumors at your workplace, neighborhood, school, church and social media. Bullying can be added to the stress for the person dealing with what they are going through.

Please go to a school counselor, pastor at your church, therapist, parent, someone trust worthy that is not a known gossip, or just go to God in prayer to begin your journey.

The good kind of secret, I prefer to call it a “hidden surprise” is for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, surprise party. Now those are fun and you do not blab about presents bought for someone. It is a joyful experience to watch the person you bought a gift for smile with excitement when they open your gift.

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon all!

Peace and Love,

Kathy ❤️

Love One Another ❤️

It just seems lately that there is not much love around. People seem to want to spread hate, judgement, anger, anything of negative energy. That just seems exhausting to me. That would just deflect a person in my eyes. How exhausting to always think you are right, perfect, judge all around you and not take responsibly at all for your mishaps in life?! 🤔

Exactly! 💡 Light bulb shines brightly doesn’t it? As close to the sun it can. 🌞

Here is how I look at it, God loved me before I was ever a twinkle in anyone’s eyes. Same with you. We were all created to be a part of this Earth for a special reason, to be loved is one and to give love is another. I believe that God loves everyone.

He loves ALL!

It does not matter who you are, your race, your income, your education, your sexual preference, nothing. Jesus sat with prostitutes and those ill. He caught nothing. There is no fear so grow up! Jesus spent time on this Earth performing miracles. He spent time-sharing the love. He wanted you to know that you are loved.

None of this violence at facilities as it defeats the purpose. We all need to stand up for things do not get me wrong but shall we do it in a way that does not portray our one and mighty Lord.

We need to learn to speak with love. There is also a time and a place for everything as well.

I say we need to stop letting the agenda of the media get into our heads. Not let the world control our thoughts or images. Control what we watch on television and have a watchful eye with our social media accounts. I would recommend that with your children and please continue it with opening up those conversations. We learn to judge, hate, bully, well just about anything from our parents, older siblings and our surroundings. This needs to stop.

It seems easy to blame others yes I get that but we need to be accountable for our actions. I know I was not the nicest person in this life. I really regret it. So it is time to give back. Remember that saying, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. Seriously think about that.

Saying I love you needs to be said but does need to be showed as well. Words to live by my friends.

Peace and Love,

Kathy ❤️

Winter Blues

It is the end of February and thus begins the long month of March 31 days. Yes February is quite a short month but we cringe in the Midwest waiting for Spring. So what can we do to get by, entertain ourselves and relax?

I have been hit by how life passes us by, so I try to enjoy it. Yes I know it is winter time. So I look at planning activities even if they are at home. I know finances, health and work can be a factor. So you can jot it down in your calendar. I have mentioned in previous blogs and probably will again I am a sucker for calendars, journals, notebooks, pens, pencils, all kinds of colors, even writing in different colors. I would color categorize my plans in my day planner.

First organize your priorities such as work hours, school, children activities. The first things you need to do make it easier to schedule something fun!

  • prioritize your household and family responsibilities first
  • church, sporting events, groups, coaching
  • doctor appointments, parent/teacher appointments, job interviews

I think you all get the gist of it. Local Churches always have events, great way to get back to church and getting to know those around your surrounding neighborhoods. Your local hospital may have classes on health and fitness for you to join. Local Park Districts and YMCA’s host a wide variety for many interests. I know money can be a factor. Check out your local Public Library. There are book clubs at many of them. These are great ways to get out in your community, get to know others, and help those winter blues. You can also set up a day to binge watch on Netflix, Hulu, and/or Amazon Prime. Then you can blog about a series. You can download Kindle and sign up with Amazon to get Kindle Unlimited. There is a WIDE variety of books you can get for free (there are monthly fees of course).

This is just a little something for fun today. I am having one of those afternoons. In March a HUGE majority of people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. A little tidbit of information that on March 2, 1904 Dr. Seuss was born. As a child I read those books and read them to my children as well. When I worked in the Early Childhood field we had a great time celebrating his birthday. Generally students in America are off for Spring Break. Either plan your vacations on or around that. Occasionally over here in Illinois we get some “sneak peeks” of spring coming and it is rather helpful. I encourage you to enjoy the sunshine as it comes.

Time To Be Thankful

Every now and again I think it is a good idea to journal thoughts of gratefulness. It reminds us how blessed and lucky we are. It can help build us up in life. When things get tough it feels good to remind us of the beauty of our Earth. Trees, flowers, children, a home, car, or a job. If some of those are missing think of what you have.

This just what I needed reminding of this afternoon. Sometimes we all need reminding of what we are thankful for. Lately I feel as though God keeps reminding me how I have been selfish. I have been taking things for granted in life. What and who I have in my life. I need to be reminded apparently because I just feel it in my soul.

For me to begin this process I need to be fully aware of my surroundings in order to appreciate what is going on. Basically time to get rid of the selfish bug. So get comfortable, focus, and write down something, anything you find that you have in your life. Just think about it. After writing that list you will see how grateful and happy you are. You will then learn to appreciate what you have. Now this is something that will or may not happen in 30 seconds. But you might find something to be thankful/grateful for. I think it is worth a shot, don’t you.

So that’s my little snit bit for you all this afternoon. I hope you get a chance to remind yourselves of all you have. If you feel that there are things you need. There you go on another list. I love notebooks, journals, lists, and colored pens, markers, and pencils. You have no idea!

Under Construction

I have been spending this week educating myself more with Word Press. I have had my blog for over two years. It is amazing how much there is to know. I plan on upgrading as well. It felt just right coming back last week posting and reading your posts out there. I love to hear anything you have to say. I am a firm believer that you learn something new everyday.

Word Press has their own University for us Bloggers. You sign up for classes, some are 5 days while others can be 14 days. Everyday you get an email and a lesson to help you if need be. We are all different as such we learn differently. For those of you new out there reading my blog I want you to connect with Word Press’s Blogging University. You should start out here:

You will see choices to click on for help on the left side of the page. As you scroll down you’ll see a blue rectangle with the words Visit Blogging University. This is where you will find classes to help you around WordPress. At least that is what I am doing here. It is great! Follow along and we all will succeed here with Word Press.

Have a fabulous evening everyone!

Kathy 💗💗

Travel Tuesday

Well how you doing out there today? Well, I am exhausted after a long day here in Galena, Illinois. We are to get a wonderful amount of snow oh yippy! Yep I said it, snow! I live in the northwest part of Illinois near the Iowa border not too far from the Quad cities and close to Dubuque. We are not too far from Wisconsin as well. It was rather brutal this morning but it has been worse and could be extremely horrible outside. I live in a beautiful historic town that I would like to share with you today. In fact every Tuesday on my blog I will share about places I have been and want to be. Please feel free to share about the places I am sharing and give me and my readers travel advice. 

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(picture taken by me via my iPhone behind the Ramada Inn in Galena off Route 20)

I moved here in July 2018. I wanted to share this town with you as it has a wonderful history with our 18th President of the United States of America. Ulysses S Grant had his campaign headquarters here. Here in Galena we have trolley tours. There is one (which I went on last year in July) that drives around town and shares the history with you. You are able to take pictures from inside the trolley. There is another trolley tour in which you can tour in and out of some historic buildings. The trolleys are a wonderful way to learn about the history of Galena. Check out Galena Trolley Depot for further information when booking a trip out here. 

Shopping in downtown Galena is a treasure, along with our restaurants there. There are no chain restaurants in the downtown area. During the winter holidays it is like a scene in a movie about a small town couple falling in love. 


(this picture was taken by myself, it is the view of winter 2019 outside my back window here in Galena, Illinois from my iPhone)

I will add there are hills and curves in our roads but they are so beautiful in the summer and spring with all those colors of growth, the fall with the changing colors of leaves, and the winter with freshly falling snow. Traveling our roads are a tour in itself. Siting from your kitchen window or on the couch and looking outside you could not ask for more. I feel like I am in a snow globe when it snows. Imagine sitting in your home on your couch with the fireplace going, a nice dinner with a glass of wine. Canon in D playing in background from your Alexa. You then ask her to turn your lights dim, warm the dryer up so when you go to bed that blanket is warm. 

You can find a way to enjoy yourself at a non-year round state with warm weather and many beaches! I know I know anyone can Google anything at anytime. Yes, I get that and it is great but I love to hear from you out there. If you have or plan to come visit Galena, Illinois for any season throughout of the year so please pass it along here. I want to hear from you!

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Here is some info to look into if your interest is to come to Galena:, These sites will get you a start to locate what you might be looking for.


Celebrating President’s Day

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As children in Elementary School we were taught that President’s Day is a couple of days off school. We also we taught, well back in my day as I am 49, to respect early President’s George Washington (1st) and Abraham Lincoln (16th).  I recall all about George Washington and his apple trees. I remember he had white hair and thought that was funny. Our teacher told us it was a wig. Oh how the giggles exploded in our classroom. We were really amazed at how tall Abraham Lincoln was and his “big” hat. To a small child in school we thought he was a giant! We understood that he was shot and died with pennies on his eyes, or rather copper pennies. Back in the late 70’s to early 80’s we were educated differently than today. That is okay, different time. Today is a day to reflect on President’s who have passed and represented this country with honor and integrity. Yes, I know we all may not agree about each President that is still alive or currently serving.  If unhappy fix it in a healthy way. Celebrate a couple President’s that have birthday’s at the same time who have passed. This is a day to not just say, “this is just a holiday off and things are closed, blah, blah, blah”. Let us remember what our country was started on, freedom, liberty, and justice for all.  I just feel thankful that without President’s we would not have Congress or a House of Representatives to give us some of the things we ask for. Think about it. Have a great Monday!!

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Reaching Out

This afternoon after church I have been busy. I have been researching how to “reach out” on my blog. I have been doing this over a couple years and of course still a new blogger. This past week I came back here with so much new information it is unbelievable.

Blogging had helped me personally to share my life of lessons learned all there is going on out there. It has been fabulous to learn from ALL of you! I know there is so much more for me to do.

My friend who got me into WordPress has been a blessing in my life. It is amazing to connect with someone after so many years and still know them. Even though she was younger than me she was a mature girl and a wise Christian woman. I have used their story of dating and serving the Lord to others. It helps me share with others in a time of questions.

This is what sharing our stories are about, advice, recipes. Whatever there is we continue to learn.

Music was something that, rather is that God gives each of us. To my dear friends Ray and Jenna I am grateful for the gift God gave me through you. The worship of God’s love in music was so emotional to me. I felt God’s love.

With my daughter’s growing up it was important for me to share that with them and I did. They were taught. We may not be all on the same page now, my girls and I with our beliefs but I am mature enough in my relationship with Christ now to deal with it. God puts people in our lives for a reason and He did that for me now. When I see things I can tell immaturity or anything else in life. Growing with Christ is the best thing for me. I am truly grateful for this blogging site and will take all the tools I have learned today and this past week to heart. 🥰🥰

My Prayers For Aurora, Illinois

Yesterday a man at his workplace was, as they say “disgruntled”. He worked at his company for 15 years and was fired that day. Unfortunately he had a history that no one was aware of. He had a gun illegally. Yes I do wish laws were excellent all over so responsible people know how to use them. As in such, trained police officers, our military, people who hunt, etc.

People have free will on this Earth and we make our own choices. God gives us that. However, anyone can get a gun illegally. What we need to stop is people getting the guns illegally as well as when a F.O.I.D. card is suspended we need to find a way to get those guns. I do not know the numbers of people turning their guns in. This is no excuse for what this man did.

He killed 5 employees there. One was injured. I believe 6 police officers were injured. Aurora Police Department were right on top of it. They did what they signed up to do. The FBI helped. There were SWAT teams helping. It makes me proud of how Kane County got together. I was pleased to see our new Govenor make it up there. This showed how we all get together, in Illinois.

I moved away from the Kane County area in July but I still keep in touch with my friends out there. I was watching it from the moment I got the ABC 7 Chicago News Alert. It was to me just so close to home.

I cannot fathom what anyone there was feeling. My heart goes out to all of them. I do hope and pray for everyone, from those suffering to those first responders. How amazing to have all those ambulances there to help. We have a great state with a great group of first responders we need to respect and appreciate.

All I am is just grateful. And my prayers go out to our community in my state of Illinois. Yes it gets cold, snows, and icy but overall we can pick up the pieces together.

God Bless Everyone!