My Prayers For Aurora, Illinois

Yesterday a man at his workplace was, as they say “disgruntled”. He worked at his company for 15 years and was fired that day. Unfortunately he had a history that no one was aware of. He had a gun illegally. Yes I do wish laws were excellent all over so responsible people know how to use them. As in such, trained police officers, our military, people who hunt, etc.

People have free will on this Earth and we make our own choices. God gives us that. However, anyone can get a gun illegally. What we need to stop is people getting the guns illegally as well as when a F.O.I.D. card is suspended we need to find a way to get those guns. I do not know the numbers of people turning their guns in. This is no excuse for what this man did.

He killed 5 employees there. One was injured. I believe 6 police officers were injured. Aurora Police Department were right on top of it. They did what they signed up to do. The FBI helped. There were SWAT teams helping. It makes me proud of how Kane County got together. I was pleased to see our new Govenor make it up there. This showed how we all get together, in Illinois.

I moved away from the Kane County area in July but I still keep in touch with my friends out there. I was watching it from the moment I got the ABC 7 Chicago News Alert. It was to me just so close to home.

I cannot fathom what anyone there was feeling. My heart goes out to all of them. I do hope and pray for everyone, from those suffering to those first responders. How amazing to have all those ambulances there to help. We have a great state with a great group of first responders we need to respect and appreciate.

All I am is just grateful. And my prayers go out to our community in my state of Illinois. Yes it gets cold, snows, and icy but overall we can pick up the pieces together.

God Bless Everyone!


Preach It Preacher!

I recently heard a sermon on Moody’s Radio listening program on my phone. I was quite impressed that they addressed sexual abuse and rape. It needs to be addressed in churches, homes, and schools, etc. This Pastor, not word for word, said churches need to address this. We must be aware and help, no more sweeping under the carpet that is what I got out of it. Makes sense right? Yes!

There was a story about a woman who was raped from someone in the church. They have power over you and if you tell anyone you are not sure who will believe you or stay with you to fight. She no longer goes to church and basically stays at home. The problem is beside this young woman feeling trapped is that the rapist is still out there serving his job. How many people have there been, are, or will be raped by this man in a church? Because of his position of power people do not believe. It is not fair, right, or even justified. We can see it happen with government officials, teachers, anyone in general. It needs to be reported right away.

So this brings it to my point, “Preach it Preacher”, why is it so taboo to have this as a subject in our churches today? It does not matter what your denomination is; it should be addressed. This could be happening to a child at school from another student. You do not know. Maybe a wife is afraid to tell her husband his best friend has been sexually assaulting her. As a Pastor of a church you are to teach your flock and it would help teaching the men of your flock what is so wrong with this.

This has been a tough subject to write because I gave been a victim in my past. I have dealt with this the best I could. I was sexually abused as a child. I have been raped in my young adult life. I have been sexually assualted in my life more than once and I am stronger. I learned to not use anything as a crutch as I grew up and I matured from learning about what happened. I learned I was not alone and there was no way I was going to let anyone let what they did to me have that power over me. I did not want to be a victim again! I wanted to stand strong! I showed myself I could do it!

God blessed me no doubt. It did take years for me. We are all different and are around different surroundings. Our background in life will never be the same but one thing is for sure; God loves us and will heal us.

At an early age we need to let our children know that no one, no one should touch us anywhere inappropriately. In church settings prepare your Pastor’s about this. These are the way we should go in life. Teaching of anything should be at home. You are born to your parents and you go from there.

But unfortunately it is not always that easy. How I wish it was so keep on trying people, please do. We really need to educate or families and friends what sexual abuse and sexual assualt and rape is. People may not know. It is not always men doing this. I kept trying to get actual results from Google but it was beyond exact. I think when I typed in my questions they were not exact enough. We know this happens.

We need to treat this as realistic. Just as realistic as 5 year olds up to 10 year olds are exposed to pornography. They can have access anywhere and it confuses the child who is already searching for themselves as it is. Yes I did hear another Moody Radio sermon about pornography. Children see this from other children in school, older siblings, and parents.

There is a time and place for everything. Once again we must pay attention. It does not mean it is better for one parent to stay home. It can still happen with a parent staying home. There is no right or wrong in what each parent does, where you live, how much you make, anything. Things happen anywhere. We must pay attention to our family and connect. We must communicate.

I encourage all of you, hey me too, that we do not blame the victim and we pay attention to sexual abuse, rape, and sexual assault. And no more reading out of a book sermons that mean nothing. Have a sermon that gets your flock feeling the spirit. You know you did your job if there is a reaction. If they look asleep, you may want to get your voice going, sing in your sermon, something. Talk about the Bible of course but we also need to relate that to what is going on today. There are hurting people out there in your church or someone else. Time to grab on and help! God has given us all gifts and talents and abilities to help one another. You need to dig deep and you’ll find it. Trust me it is there.

I am not trying to tell you I am right about everything. I just like to be aware of things and learn something everyday. That is what I am about. We all have something about ourselves. I am not saying to watch every single person and think of them as a predator and become paranoid. But please if you are unable to connect with someone who told you something happened please get them to the right door for help. It makes a BIG difference in their lives.