Celebrating President’s Day

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Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

As children in Elementary School we were taught that President’s Day is a couple of days off school. We also we taught, well back in my day as I am 49, to respect early President’s George Washington (1st) and Abraham Lincoln (16th).  I recall all about George Washington and his apple trees. I remember he had white hair and thought that was funny. Our teacher told us it was a wig. Oh how the giggles exploded in our classroom. We were really amazed at how tall Abraham Lincoln was and his “big” hat. To a small child in school we thought he was a giant! We understood that he was shot and died with pennies on his eyes, or rather copper pennies. Back in the late 70’s to early 80’s we were educated differently than today. That is okay, different time. Today is a day to reflect on President’s who have passed and represented this country with honor and integrity. Yes, I know we all may not agree about each President that is still alive or currently serving.  If unhappy fix it in a healthy way. Celebrate a couple President’s that have birthday’s at the same time who have passed. This is a day to not just say, “this is just a holiday off and things are closed, blah, blah, blah”. Let us remember what our country was started on, freedom, liberty, and justice for all.  I just feel thankful that without President’s we would not have Congress or a House of Representatives to give us some of the things we ask for. Think about it. Have a great Monday!!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com