Time To Be Thankful

Every now and again I think it is a good idea to journal thoughts of gratefulness. It reminds us how blessed and lucky we are. It can help build us up in life. When things get tough it feels good to remind us of the beauty of our Earth. Trees, flowers, children, a home, car, or a job. If some of those are missing think of what you have.

This just what I needed reminding of this afternoon. Sometimes we all need reminding of what we are thankful for. Lately I feel as though God keeps reminding me how I have been selfish. I have been taking things for granted in life. What and who I have in my life. I need to be reminded apparently because I just feel it in my soul.

For me to begin this process I need to be fully aware of my surroundings in order to appreciate what is going on. Basically time to get rid of the selfish bug. So get comfortable, focus, and write down something, anything you find that you have in your life. Just think about it. After writing that list you will see how grateful and happy you are. You will then learn to appreciate what you have. Now this is something that will or may not happen in 30 seconds. But you might find something to be thankful/grateful for. I think it is worth a shot, don’t you.

So that’s my little snit bit for you all this afternoon. I hope you get a chance to remind yourselves of all you have. If you feel that there are things you need. There you go on another list. I love notebooks, journals, lists, and colored pens, markers, and pencils. You have no idea!

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