Thank You Readers

I wanted to thank all my readers for letting me reach out and share this month about Kidney Disease Awareness. I know we have awareness about so many things year round. I love to learn and hear about it all. I wish I could donate to all, even to those that apply to my life. I am sure we all want to help. But I find it helpful to be aware of what is going on. It is a way we can help or share information.

I look forward to learning more from my readers monthly and sharing with you as well.

Will You Ever Be Satisfied?

It seems as though with everything going on in our country and media no one will ever be satisfied. Is this something we came to as times changed in life? We became a microwave world in the 80’s and learned that was not fast enough for us as time went on. We now use social media for everything and then some but do not feel it is enough.

What can we do to change these behaviors? First let’s look into ourselves and home lives. Things start at home with our upbringing. Do we live in a home with judgmental statements of others? Do we live where we always complain about everything not being good enough? Find a way to fix that.

Do you know what exactly is “good enough”? I do not think we really know. As time has changed over the years things are not gratifying for us. We want so much so fast and it is our way or the highway. Remember “you” are good enough.

What we need to need to do is find inner peace within ourselves. I am not saying you should not improve on something that needs improving or not continue your education. Occasionally in life something can happen and get in the way and all you can do is just manage it and be stable. Be happy for who you are. Look at what you have already accomplished in life. It just seems all this world does is complain more and more. Sometimes in life the answer is what it is and we just have to accept it. That is one of the hardest things in life. A health diagnosis is unsettling and we learn to do what we can with it. We educate ourselves and work within our realm. Do not just sit there and wait. Go! Get up! Do what you can because complaining will get us all no where. Look what the news and social media does? I know I do not want to be like that.

This weekend enjoy your beautiful life you have been given. I encourage you to find the beauty in what you have. Whether it be a favorite blanket or a nice car to a favorite food. These things may not seem or important to others but they should be. Take out that cool journal from (see my page about Amazon journals) and begin that gratitude journal. I think we will start seeing less complaining over such ridiculous things and start spreading joy around. That is the idea. I know it is past January 1st but you can use a basket or jar and take a piece of paper and have a gratitude jar. Write one thing everyday. You can look at it at the end of the year or the end of the month. Think about it since April 1st is on Monday. What a great way to start another week and month!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Also known as PTSD. Many of us have dealt with this in one way or another. The NIMH (The National Institute for Health) tells us that about 7 or 8 out of every 100 people will experience PTSD. That is according to the National Center for PTSD . You can surf Google and find your share of facts about PTSD all over. But it is real and that is my point.

I think there is more to PTSD than most people realize. I know those who have gone through it and are have the idea. I feel that clinicians have seen their patients/clients go through this process as well.

As we know during a pregnancy you can go through PTSD due to any challenges during this time. While waiting to bring your child into this world you have months of worry. Then upon delivery and all your hormones so much happens. Our brains can only handle so much. Post-partum Depression is real. Even upon delivery of your child there could be a health issue for both mother and baby. Not just mother can have some PTSD with a difficult birth but the father can too. We need to recognize the additional stressors added to the family members and what happens during pregnancy in this society as well.

With suicide on a high rise, as in any age range we need to recognize how it affects those losing someone. Recently there has been a number of Chicago Police Officers who have committed suicide. This has affected the entire community. Please check out the recent article from the Chicago Tribune in regards to what our community has been going through. As for our first responders they never know what they are walking into. That includes all of our police officials (City, County, State, SWAT, FBI, etc.), local fire departments along with our ambulance services, and such. They have no clue what they are walking into when given that call.

Even those watching the news with tragic events happening in our area, let alone our country. We have empathy because we have hearts and care. But while we watch our communities suffer a loss from any tragic event PTSD can easily settle in. As we are currently noticing that since the Sandy Hook Shooting, a victim’s father took his own life. Now do not tell me that people do not suffer from that loss and that PTSD does not set in. That is a traumatic event in a parent’s life. Even the Parkland Shooting has had two suicides since their horrific tragedy. What are we not educated enough on to help those who suffered so much? There are triggers signs and symptoms that remind us of the past. Some good and some bad. No it is NOT easy to “get over it” as they say. This is a serious epidemic and we need to find a way to treat it properly with the right individuals.

Now PTSD can come in many little packages, you name it. A marriage or dating relationship gone wrong. Problems in school with no support and many more situations, unstable family situations, being involved in cults (they find you when you are searching and down on your bottom of life and not saying having a belief in religion is wrong). Death of loved ones, Chronic illnesses and cancers, taking care of those ill and your child ill. These things and many more can cause great stress and deep grief on ourselves and bodies. Our brains can only take on so much today.

What we wish or rather myself is that all therapists and psychiatrists were educated enough in their field. How does this effect those with financial issues to pay for help? Glad I asked myself that. It unfortunately does. I have used State Insurance in my past and went to a facility and each month there was a different psychiatrist. That is not my cup of tea. It is rather frustrating to see someone and not get the proper meds you need. Not being diagnosed properly in a 5 minute appointment. Many PCP’s will only prescribe anti-depressants for so long along with other medications of that realm. There is a miscommunication somewhere is our process for Mental Health Awareness and we can also call it Brain Health. I have heard rumors of Mental Health being changed to Brain Health to get rid of the stigma. We shall see about that name and all. But the problem is the treatment, the costs, the medications, the reactions. What can be done? What is next from the pharmaceutical companies with side effects being less? What about ALL insurances covering a majority of the cost of meds? What about the cost of treatment? What about finding a therapist or someone specializing for your basic needs near you? There are people but do they take your insurance? These are the many questions I have. I have seen people needing help in the last year and unable to get it BECAUSE they are not “needy” enough. What is NOT needy enough today? People are spiraling into alcoholism and drug addiction, the suicide rate is not that great either. One suicide is one too many.

I do hope those in Washington are going to do what they started out to do. I do pray and wish for greater health insurance for all. I do not want to be sent to ANY doctor the government sends me too because how do I know what I am going to get. That is what the problem was for me back in 2012-2013. Giving a wrong diagnosis with the wrong meds and changing them constantly does no one any good. Here is to hoping we get a grip on Mental Illness and not putting it as a stigma of placing people in hospitals. I know people who think that Bipolar people should be hospitalized until you are cured. Okay, hmmm I do not seeing that doable. What I do see is that people need to work around and manage it. It goes with anything else. So should all the people who have PTSD sit in a hospital bed and look at every trigger and once cured go out in the world? it does not work that way. When you are out in the world, that is where things happen and going to therapy is where you get help. We are in a digital age, we need providers in many ways and our insurance companies working with us in that as well as cost. I hope I got my point across that PTSD comes in many areas and do not condone what someone has suffered from and how. you are not them. Let us hope for a better way of helping others in this world. Let us sway out the ones who should not be practicing and train the ones who need it. Finally get these costs affordable to the public with insurance and provide ways for others to get help.

Got The Depression Bug?

Sometimes I just wish there was a shot to get away the many threads of depression. Kind of like the variations of the flu virus. I am not saying having depression is a virus and contagious. I just wish sometimes there was an ultimate cure or a way to manage easier. But there is no such thing or is there?

Yes we can go see a psychiatrist for many types and variations to medicate where you are with your depression or the classification of it, such as bipolar. Going to see your therapist is also part of your healing process to learn to deal and work on solutions to manage it. Along with therapy and medication a regular check-up should be involved in my opinion. My reason is this, medication can affect your other meds along with your liver and kidneys. I found out the hard way. I tried Depokate for my Bipolar I Depression. After 9 months of usage and increasements I ended up with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease. Unfortunately no one knew to check on this. And I do not state it will happen with everyone.

I do feel like there are threads of depression like the flu. All these variations come to mind when we struggle. There are triggers in our lives that affect PTSD. Sounds, smells, places, people, a voice, many other things can trigger you with depression. That is a “strand” of the bug we do not want to get.

If only resolving our problems with depression was so simple. And that is how others see it to be sometimes. Just get up and go. You can sometimes see yourself doing something but you are unable to get there. At least you are at this stage of depression. There still are people not able to see themselves out of their beds. That is okay because you will get there and I am shooting for you. I get the never wanting to leave your bed, never wanting to leave your home, your town, anywhere, no changes.

It is easier said than done. For me I do not believe in the BIG steps right now. Meaning looking ahead at ALL the HUGE goals I want to do. Doing the future far ahead can stumble me because I cannot see that far ahead. I can see my past and how far I have grown and that makes me happy! I chose to make baby steps so I no longer feel overwhelmed and not drowning in my own bath.

With Depression you need support with your medical care, therapist, psychiatrist and physicans. If they are not working together to benefit for your health and well-being that is where you will need to get additional help. I suggest calling your health insurance company. Or if one of them is helpful someone from their offices should be kind enough to let you in the right direction or guide you there. There are support groups. Please be cautious with where you go. I would say this with anything. You want a safe and healthy environment. It is easy to be swindled and drawn down into depression more with the wrong group or organization. Local hospitals, YMCA’s, park districts and NAMI have some groups available. There are talk lines available today. Again please contact your insurance company along with your medical professionals. I personally have not used any texting or online therapy service. I would like to know about those. Any information you feel comfortable to share please do below. Please share on what you think about depression.

I feel that depression is real and if pushing someone you love to move ahead before they are ready will stump their growth. We must be aware. Depression is a brain disease, it is our brain health, yes it is mental health and there is nothing wrong with that.


We all sometimes need a little help with an idea of what to write about. Whether it be for a novel, short story, or a piece of poetry. once in w while you have that bug to write but are not sure how to get that story out. So sometimes you either type away on your laptop or like me I am from back in the day when you had what we called a “rough draft”. They were generally written out on paper with pencil/pen. Then we would use a typewriter. I still carry a little notebook in my purse in case I feel like taking notes for a story or just feel like writing. Sometimes you just drive or walk by something and all of a sudden you begin a story in your mind to write down. It is amazing what a person can write about . Writing prompts can be either fiction or non-fiction. In fiction you can do fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, love and romance and much more. With non-fiction you can bring your life story out. You can also bring your life story out and put it in a fictitious character in order to get your message out. There may be some people when you do get your story out there that may not want to be named in your non-fiction book. So there are many options to get your book out there but no problem in getting some writing prompts out your way.

I will suggest that you find as many as you can “free” resources out there. The costs can add up after a while.

Whether you are just starting out in college or an adult starting out in college or returning to college find out if you English Department has a Creative Writing Club. This is an option to get you started it even get a club started. If you are pursuing a degree in English maybe you can take Creative Writing as an elective.

Your public library may have a class available as well as your Park District. There are generally local events and classes available to take. Sometimes for a small fee. I suggest adding your resources here, as in your local library as well as a local Community College. There may be a class for Creative Writing without college credit to get you going. Check with a local bookstore. Sometimes your mom and pop type shops have workshops in order to promote local authors.

Google is one place we all go to. Be wise and ask around when checking out what you are looking for. For five minutes you get this for free and then the low, low cost for such and such. Be careful of giving out any of your information, including what you wrote. There are many free e-books to download on how to write a book and great writing prompts. Again I always check with a person I trust. A previous English Professor or someone I took some writing classes with. You never know what they are using and how it is going for them.

As we know there is so much we can write about. Things such as: A beautiful sunset, a winter storm, children playing into the night, hearing the pitter patter of feet, listening to bands outside on your deck, setting sail in the sunshine, a thunderstorm rolling in, and much more. You can just start with a few words and somehow, someway, one day end up with that best seller. Honestly you never know. Keep your eyes open and you will see. Share with me below where you found your nice for writing. Please share any writing resources that are trustworthy for submitting a short story.

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime

I have enjoyed my share of movies and binge watching television shows on Netflix. But I have noticed in the last few years some are being removed from Netflix. I do depend on it for my older shows and movies. Otherwise I head over to Amazon Prime. I have always been an avid promoter for Netflix, especially since they have my all time favorite show “Gilmore Girls”.

There have been some favorites that Netflix has taken away but like I posted up above I head over to Amazon Prime for what else there is. Very rarely do I go to Hulu but it would depend. After a while last year (2018) I ended up also subscribing to Hallmark Movies now and Pure Flix. I realized they all have something to provide for each person’s desire but you need to decide for yourself and what you want to spend. You also cannot guarantee how long each series, movie and originals will air on each service. You also need a good WiFi to stream your service without interruptions. Then the cost of basic cable or go with another service to stream the Netflix, etc. It just ended up being too much for me until last year remembering when the money was being taken out of my accounts. I ended up cancelling them so I could focus.

But I found an article on MSN Entertainment this morning about Netflix and shows cancellations. I am curious as to what you all do. Do you watch Netflix or have cable? Or both? Please share below and if you have a chance. please read the MSN Entertainment Article.

The Blame Game

Today in social media along with our news media we have the “blame game”. This is something I do not care for. I find that it is not a good example for our children and others in our communities. And we wonder why people go so far “right” or “left” as they say. When Alabama had their horrible tornados hit many news stations complained about President Trump signing Bibles. Well, yes a little girl wanted her Bible signed. People it was a little girl! No I am not into having someone sign my Bible unless I was meeting Jesus in person. In order to do that I need to be dead basically. I think that back when JFK was alive it seemed like the “era” to have your Bible signed by a “sitting President”. However that is what my opinion is and does not mean it is the only correct one. What happened was that no one really focused on the tragedy, the loss of homes and family members. Or more or less on how to re-build, what can be done to spin something positive and give hope to these families. I get that people are not a fan of Donald Trump, fine. But to degrade the people who lost lives and family because of your hate, you should be ashamed of yourself. You call yourself a news reporter! What happened to the real story? You chose to spin it from a little girl wanting her Bible signed by a sitting president to Trump was signing Bibles on his trip and did nothing else. We all knew what Trump was like prior to his running for President, why are you so surprised? And those of you who voted for him that are complaining please get over it. I get the good, the bad and the ugly. Please trust me on this. But news should be reported as it should be. Let us focus on what happened in Alabama and what can be done for recovery purposes. Now let us look into the horrific terrorist attacks in New Zealand. The person who did that act (no names of the criminal since that is what they like) is the responsible party for his actions. Do not take heed for what someone else posts on social media. This is the same old story, if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you? I mean really, what are we all 12 till we die?

The Midwest

Just a little something I found this morning on MSN and thought I would share with you. I hope you all get a laugh or know any of the sayings. Please share below where you live around the globe what “sayings” you have.

Find a way to enjoy the new week. New week, new you, new choices, new challenges, new goals. Feel positive. Be positive.