Kidney Awareness Month

March is Kidney Disease Awareness Month. This means so much to me; mainly because in October 2017 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease. No signs or symptoms hit me right out. I was fatigued and had my nausea but that could have been due to my medications at the time. No I did not have diabetes or heart issues. Those are the two common threads connecting with CDK. I did a random blood screening and found out by that. I was shocked. It took until January 2018 to figure out what caused this disease. My GFR was at 15%, that is the percentage of my kidney levels. I find that very scary I was wondering around in life with that low of the usage of my kidneys. I was not set up to go on dialysis at all. The Nephrologist I had at that time wanted me to wait. I went in for biopsies. He took three tiny pieces from my left kidney. I was hospitalized for a couple days. My pain pain increased post biopsy. That is not normal for me and was sent home. I spent the next two days decreasing energy and color along with severe pain. I went in to the ER where I lived and ended up back in the hospital for about a week. I had internal bleeding and was at End Stage Kidney Disease. Still no dialysis. My GFR went back to 15%. From that ER admit my health declined due to my CKD. Unfortunately with this disease these things happen. I found out in the hospital that my biopsies had shown Chronic Interstitial Nephritis. At least I knew it was from my new prescription I had been taking about 8-9 months which was the”main” cause of this. I still had no clue what to expect.

I always knew life was short and to enjoy the quality of life. I have taken care of my mom on Hospice and worked in the hospitals before, so I comprehend life. While in the hospital my anemia was bad, never cured and still not. I do my best but I stay stable with this disease. That is the best you can do. No sad thoughts, nothing negative, look for the good. I have learned to accept what happens in life and just be a big girl and deal with it. I have issues with depression and anxiety but I am at the stage of managing it in my life. I go to a therapist and see a psychiatrist. I follow up with my primary physician as well as my Nephrologist. I am trying to find one that is not 3 hours away from me. But if I do not do what I need for me, what’s the point? God created me in His own image. He wanted me on this Earth for something so why not do something good with and care for my body as well. Stuff happens and I no longer want to be a people pleaser and I know I cannot fix everything. Yes I wish I could fix when my girls struggle or are hurt. I wish I could have taken away my sister’s breast cancer and her radiation. I’m grateful her cancer was found early and not that long for her radiation treatment. But she still had to hear those words. Those words she heard I cannot take away. I never want that for anyone, especially in my family. Then I think about the bills, ugh insurance does not cover it all. I’m broke without an income and would love to just give her money for all the wonderful things she has done for me and my daughter’s and grandson.

So I need to care for my kidney disease or I cannot help or be there for anyone. I will not get to see my girl’s do more in their lives, my grandson grow up or more grandkids hopefully. 🤗 And I will not get to hear my sister say she is fine with that radiation! These are things I want to be here for.

So if you are out there and have any chronic illness know that you are not the only one. There are ways and groups to get involved in. You can connect with others so you have support. Find a way to survive.

For more information about kidney disease please go to You can also check out Both sites have valuable information. As well as and more information about becoming a donor please check out

Current story about Walmart

This is a current read story in Galena, Illinois with the new plan of positions being taken away at local Walmarts. This affects those with disabilities. Walmart has been known as a store with Greeters of all ages and types. That is what regulars look forward to when going in to shop. This store is unfortunately unable to continue employment for a young lady who has been a valuable greeter there for 14 years. Please read the story our Iowa news picked up on it and the plans our Galena, Illinois community has in store for her.