Another Manic Monday

Why is it that Monday’s always seem like another tiring day? It seems as though the weekend went too fast. Well it does sometimes depending upon your life, your work schedule, family, and activities. But this past weekend we had to turn our clocks. We sprang forward, oh yippy!

I have felt the pain of losing sleep during daylight savings time. Now many people can object and say that could be related to my jobs, my health, unhealthy eating patterns in my past, weight, depression, etc. you name it. I even have worked night shift in the hospital for both time changes. Tell me what you think in the comments how you have dealt with the time changes in the past. As there is some debate right now regarding it.

I did some googling and found out that President Donald Trump supports a permanent daylight savings time. Fortune has this posted here

So I have read in a few places and have seen throughout social media today the today is NAP DAY. I like that! I found this article from CBS news online

What I do know is that Monday’s come and Monday’s go. I will always think of that Bengals song “Manic Monday”. It was popular when I was young and it still sticks with me on any given Monday and now it is more of a joke to me than anything. I have been taught to have more grace as I have aged to the age of 49.

I do hope everyone had a fabulous day and is not as tired as we all usually are but go home and rest. And by the way it is okay to order out and give yourself a break once in a while. Happy Monday! Kathy.

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