Headlines, Headlines

Lately we have had so much going on in our headlines. It is more of an internet sensation than anything. We have seen the Michael Jackson accusations in the Neverland Story, which I have yet to watch. R. Kelly’s drama; one not paying child support, two the sex abuse charges, and now three an alleged tape from someone’s residence showing sexual abuse with under age girls with R. Kelly. This in just two weeks of increasing evidence. Today in Cook County (Chicago, Illinois) Jussie Smollett appeared to find out that the media can be in the courtroom for his 16 counts this Thursday. All for trying to prompt up his career. He shamed racism and gay bashing. For a black man in Chicago to show harm that way is beyond my comprehension. Falsifying a police report to take away from those in need. Not right! Now this morning the rich and elite find it their honor to bribe their children into college. Do you realize how many other children would have loved their opportunity in to that college? Or on that sports team? Or help with the ACTS and SATS? Not everyone is a great test taker but can be intelligent. I understand as a parent you want to do anything for your child but to break the law?!?! Shame on you!! That is your example? The truth always comes out and trust me it has for me. Now I am not perfect so I apologize for my judgmental tone here but these are things we need to be aware of. This turns into people now banning things because of what someone did. Okay America so if you are going to boycott because of what this one person did then you need to do for everyone. I suggest you check out the SNL Weekend Update from 03/09/2019.

We need to stop getting our heads all in a huff and find out the truth in everything and not judge. First off when we begin to “boycott” everything we need to see what we really are boycotting and the reasons for. Think about this for a minute, yep let it sink in. Okay if you want to boycott a product are you doing it because someone famous is? Or are you doing it because a friend or two is on social media? You need to have a reason. Stand up for it. Do your research or you are just a follower. You do not need to lead a pack of soldiers but you need to believe in it. For example if there is a product you use and they use animals for it and you decide on your own not to use the product then research, ask around for a healthy make up product. It is not that hard. But do it for you and not anyone else.


Once again we are all human and we all make mistakes. No human being is perfect let alone innocent. No I am not the judge and jury and I ask for your forgiveness as coming off as that this evening. My point is basically that we need to stop placing famous people on pedestals. It has gotten out of control over the years. I question why did parents allow their children to spend the night with a stranger. Why yes they are strangers. Just because they make millions does not make them better than anyone else. God made us all the same, well except for a few things but you get my point here I hope. All the money in the world cannot make you happy and better. People still have skeletons. And yes Michael Jackson may not have molested every boy he knew and I do not have all the evidence in front of me but predators have one kind of prey. they generally choose a type and as sick as that sounds it most likely is true. Please stay aware of your choices world and choose your boycotting for the right reasons and you owe no one a thing. And yes I enjoyed Michael Jackson’s music growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. I am not letting that happiness be taken away. I wonder for those who are Christian and watch something and maybe there is an actor that is an Atheist on that program, will you continue to watch it? What if someone likes Donald Trump but sings wonderfully do you continue to listen to their music. Are we allowing the craziness of this world define us or are we going to define ourselves and know the difference?

Today be your own star and wave high from above!