Kidney Disease Awareness Continues

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Netflix Vs Amazon Prime

I have enjoyed my share of movies and binge watching television shows on Netflix. But I have noticed in the last few years some are being removed from Netflix. I do depend on it for my older shows and movies. Otherwise I head over to Amazon Prime. I have always been an avid promoter for Netflix, especially since they have my all time favorite show “Gilmore Girls”.

There have been some favorites that Netflix has taken away but like I posted up above I head over to Amazon Prime for what else there is. Very rarely do I go to Hulu but it would depend. After a while last year (2018) I ended up also subscribing to Hallmark Movies now and Pure Flix. I realized they all have something to provide for each person’s desire but you need to decide for yourself and what you want to spend. You also cannot guarantee how long each series, movie and originals will air on each service. You also need a good WiFi to stream your service without interruptions. Then the cost of basic cable or go with another service to stream the Netflix, etc. It just ended up being too much for me until last year remembering when the money was being taken out of my accounts. I ended up cancelling them so I could focus.

But I found an article on MSN Entertainment this morning about Netflix and shows cancellations. I am curious as to what you all do. Do you watch Netflix or have cable? Or both? Please share below and if you have a chance. please read the MSN Entertainment Article.