Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Also known as PTSD. Many of us have dealt with this in one way or another. The NIMH (The National Institute for Health) tells us that about 7 or 8 out of every 100 people will experience PTSD. That is according to the National Center for PTSD . You can surf Google and find your share of facts about PTSD all over. But it is real and that is my point.

I think there is more to PTSD than most people realize. I know those who have gone through it and are have the idea. I feel that clinicians have seen their patients/clients go through this process as well.

As we know during a pregnancy you can go through PTSD due to any challenges during this time. While waiting to bring your child into this world you have months of worry. Then upon delivery and all your hormones so much happens. Our brains can only handle so much. Post-partum Depression is real. Even upon delivery of your child there could be a health issue for both mother and baby. Not just mother can have some PTSD with a difficult birth but the father can too. We need to recognize the additional stressors added to the family members and what happens during pregnancy in this society as well.

With suicide on a high rise, as in any age range we need to recognize how it affects those losing someone. Recently there has been a number of Chicago Police Officers who have committed suicide. This has affected the entire community. Please check out the recent article from the Chicago Tribune in regards to what our community has been going through. As for our first responders they never know what they are walking into. That includes all of our police officials (City, County, State, SWAT, FBI, etc.), local fire departments along with our ambulance services, and such. They have no clue what they are walking into when given that call.

Even those watching the news with tragic events happening in our area, let alone our country. We have empathy because we have hearts and care. But while we watch our communities suffer a loss from any tragic event PTSD can easily settle in. As we are currently noticing that since the Sandy Hook Shooting, a victim’s father took his own life. Now do not tell me that people do not suffer from that loss and that PTSD does not set in. That is a traumatic event in a parent’s life. Even the Parkland Shooting has had two suicides since their horrific tragedy. What are we not educated enough on to help those who suffered so much? There are triggers signs and symptoms that remind us of the past. Some good and some bad. No it is NOT easy to “get over it” as they say. This is a serious epidemic and we need to find a way to treat it properly with the right individuals.

Now PTSD can come in many little packages, you name it. A marriage or dating relationship gone wrong. Problems in school with no support and many more situations, unstable family situations, being involved in cults (they find you when you are searching and down on your bottom of life and not saying having a belief in religion is wrong). Death of loved ones, Chronic illnesses and cancers, taking care of those ill and your child ill. These things and many more can cause great stress and deep grief on ourselves and bodies. Our brains can only take on so much today.

What we wish or rather myself is that all therapists and psychiatrists were educated enough in their field. How does this effect those with financial issues to pay for help? Glad I asked myself that. It unfortunately does. I have used State Insurance in my past and went to a facility and each month there was a different psychiatrist. That is not my cup of tea. It is rather frustrating to see someone and not get the proper meds you need. Not being diagnosed properly in a 5 minute appointment. Many PCP’s will only prescribe anti-depressants for so long along with other medications of that realm. There is a miscommunication somewhere is our process for Mental Health Awareness and we can also call it Brain Health. I have heard rumors of Mental Health being changed to Brain Health to get rid of the stigma. We shall see about that name and all. But the problem is the treatment, the costs, the medications, the reactions. What can be done? What is next from the pharmaceutical companies with side effects being less? What about ALL insurances covering a majority of the cost of meds? What about the cost of treatment? What about finding a therapist or someone specializing for your basic needs near you? There are people but do they take your insurance? These are the many questions I have. I have seen people needing help in the last year and unable to get it BECAUSE they are not “needy” enough. What is NOT needy enough today? People are spiraling into alcoholism and drug addiction, the suicide rate is not that great either. One suicide is one too many.

I do hope those in Washington are going to do what they started out to do. I do pray and wish for greater health insurance for all. I do not want to be sent to ANY doctor the government sends me too because how do I know what I am going to get. That is what the problem was for me back in 2012-2013. Giving a wrong diagnosis with the wrong meds and changing them constantly does no one any good. Here is to hoping we get a grip on Mental Illness and not putting it as a stigma of placing people in hospitals. I know people who think that Bipolar people should be hospitalized until you are cured. Okay, hmmm I do not seeing that doable. What I do see is that people need to work around and manage it. It goes with anything else. So should all the people who have PTSD sit in a hospital bed and look at every trigger and once cured go out in the world? it does not work that way. When you are out in the world, that is where things happen and going to therapy is where you get help. We are in a digital age, we need providers in many ways and our insurance companies working with us in that as well as cost. I hope I got my point across that PTSD comes in many areas and do not condone what someone has suffered from and how. you are not them. Let us hope for a better way of helping others in this world. Let us sway out the ones who should not be practicing and train the ones who need it. Finally get these costs affordable to the public with insurance and provide ways for others to get help.

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