Will You Ever Be Satisfied?

It seems as though with everything going on in our country and media no one will ever be satisfied. Is this something we came to as times changed in life? We became a microwave world in the 80’s and learned that was not fast enough for us as time went on. We now use social media for everything and then some but do not feel it is enough.

What can we do to change these behaviors? First let’s look into ourselves and home lives. Things start at home with our upbringing. Do we live in a home with judgmental statements of others? Do we live where we always complain about everything not being good enough? Find a way to fix that.

Do you know what exactly is “good enough”? I do not think we really know. As time has changed over the years things are not gratifying for us. We want so much so fast and it is our way or the highway. Remember “you” are good enough.

What we need to need to do is find inner peace within ourselves. I am not saying you should not improve on something that needs improving or not continue your education. Occasionally in life something can happen and get in the way and all you can do is just manage it and be stable. Be happy for who you are. Look at what you have already accomplished in life. It just seems all this world does is complain more and more. Sometimes in life the answer is what it is and we just have to accept it. That is one of the hardest things in life. A health diagnosis is unsettling and we learn to do what we can with it. We educate ourselves and work within our realm. Do not just sit there and wait. Go! Get up! Do what you can because complaining will get us all no where. Look what the news and social media does? I know I do not want to be like that.

This weekend enjoy your beautiful life you have been given. I encourage you to find the beauty in what you have. Whether it be a favorite blanket or a nice car to a favorite food. These things may not seem or important to others but they should be. Take out that cool journal from Amazon.com (see my page about Amazon journals) and begin that gratitude journal. I think we will start seeing less complaining over such ridiculous things and start spreading joy around. That is the idea. I know it is past January 1st but you can use a basket or jar and take a piece of paper and have a gratitude jar. Write one thing everyday. You can look at it at the end of the year or the end of the month. Think about it since April 1st is on Monday. What a great way to start another week and month!