Is This Insensitivity?

Today we see many commercials on television and advertisements on social media about serious issues that need attention. Friends share their posts and send messages about it. After a while you get sick of it. It does not mean you have no heart or are insensitive. Well unless you really are a hateful person per se. But you can only take in so much everyday. Our hearts can only handle so much everyday. We have our cares and things we shoot for. There are false organizations out there and that bothers me for people to take advantage of others kind hearts. However, I can only see pictures of animals looking abused as well as children. Some things trigger you and you just have to change the channel or scroll down. You are not being insensitive if it bothers you. You know this stuff happens but you can only take on so much. I always say a little pray because I cannot afford to help everyone. Oh I wish I could. I know we all have good hearts but I know you all can only do so much and I can too. Do not let the world make you feel horrible. You are a good person for caring. You can only see so much. Our brains need to be healthy as well.

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