Keep Moving Your Body

Please note that I began this blog post about two weeks ago. I did not get to finish it on time due to my painful right wrist and elbow. I have been in therapy for that. I have also broke my eyeglasses. I was just sitting down and they fell off my face. I am wearing old ones without the bifocals. They are rather frustrating with reading and writing. My wrist and elbow are doing better and still doing therapy, the focus is now strengthening them. I had an injury in July of 2018 and never followed through. Lesson learned.

Last week I blogged about an app I started using called “5 Minute Workouts”. I am really enjoying it. I can feel it working on my body no doubt. I have included a picture of the app when I open it up. This way you know what I was talking about last week and today.

I have done the Fat Loss, Abs, Chest & Arms. I can feel it working. I am also on a healthy diet along with low calorie meals. My diet consists of low sodium for example. That helps me nor feel so bloated and with my Chronic Kidney Disease it is wise to not have much sodium. I also need to watch my protein choices, such as red meat. There are other ways to get protein and in small ounces and better choices. I will always say and agree with this, water, water, water! It cleans you out, yes you need to empty that bladder but it helps with your skin and nails. It makes you feel cleaner in the long run.

I will add to this post that the “free” part of the 5 Minute Workout is just the 2 days. But you can keep sing those again. You can continue to mark have many reps you have done. Due to my recent pain in my elbow and neck I have had to change up my workout. There are times you need to do that. My app even reminded me to do my work out.  I feel this app is helpful to get yourself moving around and to use on your phone if you want to get your body moving. As always with any diet and exercise program please check with your physicians due to any physical and health limitations. I have had some neck pain from sleeping on a bad mattress so I was not doing my crunches right with pulling up in regards to my neck. So I need to pay attention and make changes just like anyone else in any program. This can happen with anyone in any workout and diet. If you have any apps you feel are great for workouts and diets, please share them in the comments. Have a great week!