Oil Training

I am really excited to share with you my Young Living oils. Questions, just ask me!



Journey Back To School

In August of 2019 I started a journey of returning back to college again. My dream, becoming a nurse. This experience has been fun and exhausting all in one. I have this desire to constantly learn more and more everyday. This semester I am taking Human Biology and Dosage Calculations. I have enjoyed my two semesters at NICC and look forward to more! I want to encourage you if you want to return to college to go for it! It really is worth it.

Please share your experiences below.


New Adventure Fun Update

I have been on My New Adventure this week trying my friend Rebecca’s products from IT WORKS! I must really say this skinny coffee is fabulous! It does not dehydrate you like regular coffee does. This one cup really does fill me up, however I am a serious coffee drinker. I have energy throughout the day as well as I am not as hungry all day. I am normally in bed by 7pm and no longer am. I can get stuff done! I am usually a very busy and tired woman.

Here is my story, very short, I hope! I have Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease and just had a SCAD Heart Attack. I have also been back in school for Nursing. I am 50! I am a proud grandma of one 2 year old. I am busy with homework and studying on a daily basis. With my health conditions I get weary very easily. I try not to push myself and do stay healthy as much as possible. I have a problem with chocolate though! I do use my Young Living oils that help me relax, especially Lavender 🙂

So grateful to have met Rebecca and try her coffee this month. I am grateful to have my Young Living oil business thanks to Renee. We meet people in interesting ways. I have learned to try things to help myself not to just sell them. That is what I like! I am always wanting to share what I like about my oils. As well as products I try out! I need to take things slow as I just had the SCAD on February 13th.

Any questions about my new adventures please comment below and I can reply or email you back personally. I can hook you up if you like what you hear about my life. Please feel free to share your stories with me.