My Love for Essential Oils

I had quite the interest in Essential oils for awhile but hadn’t jumped on board. Some friends had suggested using Essential oils from a store but I didn’t feel confident in knowing what to choose. I had been invited to classes where there was a fee but it didn’t feel right at the time. I was not feeling well, feeling pushed away from others and knew I wanted something healthy in my life. At that same time Renee had posted about an Essential oils class she was hosting. I decided I had to go! And I’m so glad I did! She broke down why Young Living was the best, how to use them and what each oil did. I loved everything I heard! I was hooked! I had extra money in my pocket and bought my starter kit that day!! Those same oils I use everyday still! My favorite is lavender and I love to use it to help support my emotions! It’s made a huge difference! Young Living has made a huge impact on my life I forward to learning more and sharing as I go!

Rainy Day

Today is a rainy day but I am finding the beauty in the day. How about you? The rain helps things grow. I know the grass grows and you gotta mow it yet again! 😮 I find the rain rather peaceful inside my heart. That is something I need. I have dealt with depression and anxiety so I look for things to help assist me. Yes I use many oils to help with that. More to follow on which oils help!! But let us focus on how to find peace on a rainy day. We are stuck inside right now. So I am enjoying organizing some things, still need to work on more. 🤭 I have been reading books and will share about them on here as well. I really think we can enjoy a rainy day inside. It is hard at first but I know you can come up with good ideas, like binge watch on Netflix. 😜

Share with me your ideas what you do on a rainy day inside.

Kathy ❤️

Love for Lavender

Diffuser with oils

Something I really enjoy is the relaxing scent of lavender. It makes me feel at peace. I was working hard on my school work and this really relaxed me. I say why not feel that way all the time. I sure will be diffusing it for my final exam tomorrow morning!!

Any questions please feel free to comment and I will get in touch with you!

Kathy ❤️


There many things we can be grateful for. For me my love, David. I never thought I’d say this but it is true. I am in a Godly, giving, understanding, and compassionate relationship. You see David and I were married a long time ago and got divorced. Years later we got back together. I thought I would speed it up for you. I never thought all those years then how grateful I would be for him as I am now.

This weather made me think of beautiful things so he came to my mind right away next to the Lord. I’m grateful for being able to take a nice walk in this weather during this quarentine. I’m grateful to be here after having a heart attack as well. I see so much beauty everyday and in everyone.

I want to hear your stories of gratitude! Please share with me!

Kathy ❤️