There many things we can be grateful for. For me my love, David. I never thought I’d say this but it is true. I am in a Godly, giving, understanding, and compassionate relationship. You see David and I were married a long time ago and got divorced. Years later we got back together. I thought I would speed it up for you. I never thought all those years then how grateful I would be for him as I am now.

This weather made me think of beautiful things so he came to my mind right away next to the Lord. I’m grateful for being able to take a nice walk in this weather during this quarentine. I’m grateful to be here after having a heart attack as well. I see so much beauty everyday and in everyone.

I want to hear your stories of gratitude! Please share with me!

Kathy ❤️

2 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. Hello 😊 I am grateful for my best friend, my rock, my husband-Norman. Thankful for my two children-Shawn & Halli. Grateful for sunshine and the ocean! Grateful for ice cream 🍦 Lol! There are so many things I’m grateful for, especially my Salvation and Gods never ending love & grace ❤️ Thanks for your post – Tanya

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