FaceTime Fun

During this quarantine I have been able to enjoy FaceTime with my 2 year old grandson. We have FaceTimed daily. What a blessing to watch him grow up in front of my very own eyes! I encourage you to do the same. If you do not have an iPhone I would encourage you to download an app that lets you connect that way, such as Google Duo. Another app I like so I can send messages to friends and family is Marco Polo. Anything to stay in touch with family and friends!

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Continue to Encourage One Another

As I take my journey with returning to college, dealing with my health issues, getting back to myself since my SCAD heart attack these words mean so much to me. I found them on a support group for SCAD heart attack patients. We all need encouragement no matter who we are and what the situation is. I do seek God in troubling times and in not any troubling times as well.

Received this book from E-bay to get ready for the HESI. Lord knows when that will be and how with this situation we are having with us right now. I look forward to the many and do I mean many purchases coming this week I can share with you!


Just One Of Those Days

We all deserve one of those days and weekends. For me friends it is hitting me today. I think all the rustle and bustle of returning to college has gotten to me. I woke up happy at the hotel this morning. As the morning went on I began to get tired. I realized this is my getaway, lazy weekend! We’re back home now but I can still enjoy my lazy weekend. I think you can too.

What do you do on your lazy weekends?



Today we had a getaway from our apartment as they worked on it for 4 hours. With the quarantine, where would one go, a hotel overnight. We have done nothing but relax! You would think we have done that with the quarantine going on at home but this is different. It has taken us away from the stress at home and be able to work away from the home of chaos. It was like relaxing and working in peace and quiet. I have never felt so refreshed before. I did not like spending the money to get away but I suggest if you can and with the times beginning to change again, I would do it. We all need a break. We came here for business basically. We could have sat around in the cold somewhere for 4 hours while they worked on the apt. Hotels are not letting people in unless they are essential workers, fair is fair.

What do you think?


Journey Back To School

In August of 2019 I started a journey of returning back to college again. My dream, becoming a nurse. This experience has been fun and exhausting all in one. I have this desire to constantly learn more and more everyday. This semester I am taking Human Biology and Dosage Calculations. I have enjoyed my two semesters at NICC and look forward to more! I want to encourage you if you want to return to college to go for it! It really is worth it.

Please share your experiences below.


New Adventure Fun Update

I have been on My New Adventure this week trying my friend Rebecca’s products from IT WORKS! I must really say this skinny coffee is fabulous! It does not dehydrate you like regular coffee does. This one cup really does fill me up, however I am a serious coffee drinker. I have energy throughout the day as well as I am not as hungry all day. I am normally in bed by 7pm and no longer am. I can get stuff done! I am usually a very busy and tired woman.

Here is my story, very short, I hope! I have Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease and just had a SCAD Heart Attack. I have also been back in school for Nursing. I am 50! I am a proud grandma of one 2 year old. I am busy with homework and studying on a daily basis. With my health conditions I get weary very easily. I try not to push myself and do stay healthy as much as possible. I have a problem with chocolate though! I do use my Young Living oils that help me relax, especially Lavender 🙂

So grateful to have met Rebecca and try her coffee this month. I am grateful to have my Young Living oil business thanks to Renee. We meet people in interesting ways. I have learned to try things to help myself not to just sell them. That is what I like! I am always wanting to share what I like about my oils. As well as products I try out! I need to take things slow as I just had the SCAD on February 13th.

Any questions about my new adventures please comment below and I can reply or email you back personally. I can hook you up if you like what you hear about my life. Please feel free to share your stories with me.