encouragement from others

We all need a little encouragement every now and again in this life. That is one of the reasons I got hooked up with WordPress to begin with. Thanks to a fellow blogger I was just reminded of that yesterday. His blog was one of the first ones I followed on here two years ago and I would check him out. http://makeitultrapsychology.wordpress.com

I want to encourage each of you out there to check out other posts and comment on them. We can learn from others everyday. It is a great idea to get to know the others in our blogging community. Plus what a great way to learn from one another. What a great way for us to support one another. #bloggingfundamentals

I have been taking the helpful classes for blogging through WordPress’s own https://dailypost.wordpress.com/blogging-university/.

I do suggest not taking “too” many courses at once. Actually pay attention to “how” many days each course is. Whether you are a new blogger or have been blogging for 2 years plus I feel you can learn something new or go back to your roots to spark something up. I have learned that from the many bloggers I read about here on WP.

During these courses I actually took notes to remind me of things for my knowledge of blogging. Hey they are right when they say “knowledge is power”. I also made folders in my email for each course so I could go back and if need be reiterate what I learned through the course. To be honest anything I have found about blogging has a folder labeled so I can check it out. I have downloaded some e-books in the past 10 days I plan to read and evaluate the information I want to take from it.

I am your basic girly girl who loves things with color and glitter. I love all kinds of pens, pencils, markers and colored pencils. I love notebooks and planners. I love organization. I love to color code things. Yes I am considered weird but a good weird and I am fine with that. But the way I do that helps me feel comfortable and organized. My brain gets too messy with all the information so I need to shelf things and put them in the correct order. For example, when I went back to college I used the same color pen for a class so I knew the time. I continued this for all appts. I continued this in my planner as well as my cell phone. Now I have an iPhone and have not used any new plan since last summer. I am having a hard time to keep up but I am working on a new plan. These things make me feel safe.

I have posted about the blogging courses in the past called Under Construction. Please check it out as I am always finding ways to learn and hear from others. I have also learned a few things from another blogger as well recently, go and give her a look https://jennyinneverland.com

One thing I would love to add to my blog would be a guest blogger. Right now I cannot afford to hire anyone but I think when first starting out someone should just help out and do it pro bono basically. We all need to start somewhere. As I learn more and continue on there is so much more you can do with y our blog and it is so amazing! I say, let us all shoot for the stars! Have a great week everyone and get out there and have an adventure! Kathy

Winter Blues

It is the end of February and thus begins the long month of March 31 days. Yes February is quite a short month but we cringe in the Midwest waiting for Spring. So what can we do to get by, entertain ourselves and relax?

I have been hit by how life passes us by, so I try to enjoy it. Yes I know it is winter time. So I look at planning activities even if they are at home. I know finances, health and work can be a factor. So you can jot it down in your calendar. I have mentioned in previous blogs and probably will again I am a sucker for calendars, journals, notebooks, pens, pencils, all kinds of colors, even writing in different colors. I would color categorize my plans in my day planner.

First organize your priorities such as work hours, school, children activities. The first things you need to do make it easier to schedule something fun!

  • prioritize your household and family responsibilities first
  • church, sporting events, groups, coaching
  • doctor appointments, parent/teacher appointments, job interviews

I think you all get the gist of it. Local Churches always have events, great way to get back to church and getting to know those around your surrounding neighborhoods. Your local hospital may have classes on health and fitness for you to join. Local Park Districts and YMCA’s host a wide variety for many interests. I know money can be a factor. Check out your local Public Library. There are book clubs at many of them. These are great ways to get out in your community, get to know others, and help those winter blues. You can also set up a day to binge watch on Netflix, Hulu, and/or Amazon Prime. Then you can blog about a series. You can download Kindle and sign up with Amazon to get Kindle Unlimited. There is a WIDE variety of books you can get for free (there are monthly fees of course).

This is just a little something for fun today. I am having one of those afternoons. In March a HUGE majority of people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. A little tidbit of information that on March 2, 1904 Dr. Seuss was born. As a child I read those books and read them to my children as well. When I worked in the Early Childhood field we had a great time celebrating his birthday. Generally students in America are off for Spring Break. Either plan your vacations on or around that. Occasionally over here in Illinois we get some “sneak peeks” of spring coming and it is rather helpful. I encourage you to enjoy the sunshine as it comes.