Celebrities Should Not Be Put On A Pedestal

It seems that in so many cases human beings continually put “famous” people on a pedestal. Yet when that person fails you, you are heartbroken or defending them to the ends of the earth. Putting anyone on this so-called glamourous pedestal does nothing but bring you down. It does not help you. Yes I get that that there are people we consider our “hero’s” in life.

What I do not understand that parents in the past never paid attention to the “red flags” that were waving you down all those years ago. For example in the Micheal Jackson case, you would allow you child to hang out with a stranger! And yes I said “stranger” people! Just please think before you do.

Now with the college scams now placed in light it is those with large assets to get their child into a college by any means necessary. Is it really worth it? These are families well known in their community and yet put on that pedestal as well. Just because someone donated money to a cancer organization or a charity for children does not make them better than anyone. It is with kindness a person should do that and not with malicious intent. But with what these people did, how did it benefit their child? Having someone take a college entrance exam for you? Many years ago there were scams when they wanted football players and such to “do well” in school for playoffs. This was for high school and college. They kept this going to get the kids into college with sports by offering money and cars.

Pedestals do not benefit anyone in any situation. I do hope with all that has happened in the news in the past few weeks everyone has learned a lesson. I do hope we ALL take it to heart this time around. You do not have to dislike the music of Michael Jackson or R. Kelly. You do not have to dislike the acting of Jussie Smollett, Lori Loughlin or Felicity Huffman. Along with the other careers of those also charged in this conspiracy of the college scams. You do not have to not use someone to help your child study for the college entrance exams as well or use someone to help. It will not made you bad or a criminal. Decide upon your likes and dislikes from you. We all know in reality that no one is perfect.

The point is think about bragging about who is the best in the world. And yes we all brag about how wonderful our children are. But never do anything illegal. That is the worse thing you can do. And then let your children run around and do what they want. No way will healthy situations come out of that. Then when they have families the cycle never ends. Just something to think about.