Finding Love

Love is what it is…

Finding a chance at love is a rare gift, who know it would be with my ex-husband. We were married for almost 10 years, had been divorced in 2004 and began lightly talking in 2012. Who knew that would lead us to being back together for almost two years. July 2020 marks 2 years. I have never been happier! We communicate better and love one another more. We freely speak but with consideration for one another more so than before. We are mature compared to our 20’s.

I remember one day he had his arm around me and I felt my heart hug me. I knew I was happy and my fullest. I felt safe and secure. I never wanted to leave this man nor him leave me.

Love is about the other person not myself and he has shown that to me. We were both immature when we were married with small children way back when and have grown from that. We communicate better with our daughters now than ever before as well. True love in your heart does this. The love of God helped us.