Food Lies We Tell Ourselves

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There are times we allow food to control our lives. Food is to nourish our bodies. When we become so dependent on eating to not eating, as an obsession we then have signs of an eating disorder. How and why we got there is the key to it. And no it is not that easy.

I have been there for many reasons all around. Kind of scary for women but I have realized in the past two weeks observing how severe it is on men in our world.

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There is always this trying to look good or be perfect scenario. There is also something deeper down inside that produces our souls to have an eating disorder. Eating disorders are serious and should never be taken lightly. Anorexia, bulimia, over eating, excessive exercise, excessive calorie noting and such can lead to serious health conditions in the future, even death. Yes death.

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We may have all heard of singer Karen Carpenter who passed away due to her long suffering of complications from her anorexia. She was with the duo act the Carpenters. Her heart failed due to this. I do remember this story. I was 13 when she died. It was really scary to me. The Carpenters music was my parent’s (my mom & step dad) favorite, they used one of their songs for their wedding. They were married in 1980 and their music was very inspirational to them as well as many today.

You might be wondering, hmmm what is Kathy’s point here? It is not just anorexia that can cause death. Obesity due to constant over eating can cause serious health issues. You can be at risk for diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and many other health issues. Obesity can also cause pain on your physical body as well as your mental status.

Why do I care and what do I know? Well I have tried the starving myself for weight loss. I have also had my issues with bulimia. I have been so depressed I sat down on the couch and ate a bag of chips and cookies with soda pop. Well, none of that solved a single thing in my life. All it has done is cause arthritis and pain in my knees. Now I have some balance issues as in I am clumsy but having been overweight does not help this at all. I have this always wanting to present myself a certain way and never letting anyone know that I am struggling with anything. I must look perfect at all times so no one knows what is going on deep down inside. My mom was like that and some of it came down on me. Well, one day it exploded and I just did not care about myself anymore. Well, I am here to say that you can get back on track. I need to continue to care for my overall health but for now I am stable in my health and mental status.

I have watched my youngest deal with anorexia and go from outpatient and then back to the inpatient program. It was hard to see what she was going through because as a mother this was something I could not fix. It was not like a cold or cough where I could buy medicine or go to the doctor to fix her. Mom’s want to fix the problem and help their child as you do not want to see your child in pain. I am grateful she is doing good. It does take time with recovery and you need to understand that. You also need to understand and respect that there could be triggers and have some empathy where that is involved.

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We as a society and educational market seem to say, “hey be your best”. Or there is that coach that says, “you are not good enough, can you do better”? How are those words helping our youth? That stays with you as you age. Even going into your 50’s you will remember this.

What I do know is that when you start to lie about eating think about that. I get that someone might fib once but when it becomes a constant issue please talk to someone. When we become obsessed with calories or journaling to have the least amount of food and calories is not good. Even an obsessed amount of exercise can not be healthy for your mental health. There is nothing wrong with wanting to watch what you are putting in your mouth and exercising just watch the signs. With any addictive personality it is easy to get hooked to do these kind of things. 

I encourage you to find it in your heart what is right for your health. Talk honestly with your physician therapist or a Pastor at your church. Find what the healthy decision is for you. But be REALLY honest within yourself. I care and so do many others. God Bless, Kathy