The Blame Game

Today in social media along with our news media we have the “blame game”. This is something I do not care for. I find that it is not a good example for our children and others in our communities. And we wonder why people go so far “right” or “left” as they say. When Alabama had their horrible tornados hit many news stations complained about President Trump signing Bibles. Well, yes a little girl wanted her Bible signed. People it was a little girl! No I am not into having someone sign my Bible unless I was meeting Jesus in person. In order to do that I need to be dead basically. I think that back when JFK was alive it seemed like the “era” to have your Bible signed by a “sitting President”. However that is what my opinion is and does not mean it is the only correct one. What happened was that no one really focused on the tragedy, the loss of homes and family members. Or more or less on how to re-build, what can be done to spin something positive and give hope to these families. I get that people are not a fan of Donald Trump, fine. But to degrade the people who lost lives and family because of your hate, you should be ashamed of yourself. You call yourself a news reporter! What happened to the real story? You chose to spin it from a little girl wanting her Bible signed by a sitting president to Trump was signing Bibles on his trip and did nothing else. We all knew what Trump was like prior to his running for President, why are you so surprised? And those of you who voted for him that are complaining please get over it. I get the good, the bad and the ugly. Please trust me on this. But news should be reported as it should be. Let us focus on what happened in Alabama and what can be done for recovery purposes. Now let us look into the horrific terrorist attacks in New Zealand. The person who did that act (no names of the criminal since that is what they like) is the responsible party for his actions. Do not take heed for what someone else posts on social media. This is the same old story, if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you? I mean really, what are we all 12 till we die?

The Midwest

Just a little something I found this morning on MSN and thought I would share with you. I hope you all get a laugh or know any of the sayings. Please share below where you live around the globe what “sayings” you have.

Find a way to enjoy the new week. New week, new you, new choices, new challenges, new goals. Feel positive. Be positive.

Spring Break

We are now entering the season of Spring Break. Schools take off for a week. Parents may or ay not vacation. And some do staycations. There is so much that begins with the iconic Spring Break. I know many of you have your ideas.

As a parent of older adult children (they are in their early 20’s and I am 48). I am at the stay home and not really vacationing or do much these days. I live vicariously through everyone else. I have done my share of fun and traveling. I do however have a bucket list of traveling I would love to do but my health issues and financial costs get in the way. I love to dream and I dram BIG!

So when my girls were young I sometimes was just happy not having to run around getting them to school and their many activities. All families need a break, hint in the “spring break” part. But that really does not happen. Some children’s sports and activities are year round. UGH! I know right!! Children need a break too! Some families can afford to get away with their kids and some cannot. So hopefully this season you can find inexpensive and free activities to do.

Stay at home ideas:

*spring cleaning at home *binge watching *go downtown (like Chicago where I live) to the museums *movies *miniature golf *cook a meal together (shop for it together first) *family game night *sometimes not having anything planned for the first time in a long time is a vacation in itself *read a book together

What I want to share is that you can basically do anything. You can find a way that is cost effective. If you look around your house I bet you can find something to do with your time off. You can do just about anything during a weekend off or holiday off. I know there are many people all alone out there too so try not to feel dampened on these holiday’s and break times. Trust me I truly understand just because I have family does not mean I get to have holiday’s with them. I know you may need a little push to find something to do when you feel “bored” or “lonely”. Well, try reading a book, clean out a closet, binge watch a show, crochet or knit, start a blog. There is so much out there you can do and I am here to tell you to enjoy this “Spring Break”.