Stigmatism of Abuse

Well said for those who have been in abused an neglected households. I do know that every situation was and is different. As I have written before I was a child of a parental kidnapping. I knew there was something off but life was not easy for my sister and I. He had us in hiding and even though we went to school we were basically sheltered. I remember going to a Day Care Center, I believe in Kettering, Ohio and they were asking us about all the bruises on us. He tried to cover up but we got hurt for that at home. Next thing you know we moved away to Connecticut for a while so things cooled over. Eventually we were back in Kettering, Ohio and I thought if I complain to my teachers about my home but that did not work out as planned. My sister was the one who said nothing and I was the one who wanted to fight for my rights. We were both abused physically, mentally, socially, and sexually. But back when I was abused the law was different and only so much can be done. As for today with abused and neglected children, there is that stigmatism depending where you live, your religion, or race. The only select few get away with such horrible crimes due to their pocketbooks from what I have seen. Yes, people of all income types can abuse children and neglect them. Never being home and raising your children can have an affect on them. I understand working because many do just to get by but constant traveling and rarely seeing your children, not attending ANY events is a concern. Neglect comes in many ways. Abuse and neglect happens unfortunately and just thinking oh someone must know, they probably do not. Please be aware of how to approach the topic as you want to get any predator in any sexual assault crime. I hope to get a chance soon to read the book in the article I have linked below.—heres-what-everyone-gets-wrong-about-it/ar-BBPGpdQ?ocid=spartanntp