My Love for Essential Oils

I had quite the interest in Essential oils for awhile but hadn’t jumped on board. Some friends had suggested using Essential oils from a store but I didn’t feel confident in knowing what to choose. I had been invited to classes where there was a fee but it didn’t feel right at the time. I was not feeling well, feeling pushed away from others and knew I wanted something healthy in my life. At that same time Renee had posted about an Essential oils class she was hosting. I decided I had to go! And I’m so glad I did! She broke down why Young Living was the best, how to use them and what each oil did. I loved everything I heard! I was hooked! I had extra money in my pocket and bought my starter kit that day!! Those same oils I use everyday still! My favorite is lavender and I love to use it to help support my emotions! It’s made a huge difference! Young Living has made a huge impact on my life I forward to learning more and sharing as I go!

Rainy Day

Today is a rainy day but I am finding the beauty in the day. How about you? The rain helps things grow. I know the grass grows and you gotta mow it yet again! 😮 I find the rain rather peaceful inside my heart. That is something I need. I have dealt with depression and anxiety so I look for things to help assist me. Yes I use many oils to help with that. More to follow on which oils help!! But let us focus on how to find peace on a rainy day. We are stuck inside right now. So I am enjoying organizing some things, still need to work on more. 🤭 I have been reading books and will share about them on here as well. I really think we can enjoy a rainy day inside. It is hard at first but I know you can come up with good ideas, like binge watch on Netflix. 😜

Share with me your ideas what you do on a rainy day inside.

Kathy ❤️

Summer Adventures

I have been busy enjoying life to its fullest this summer! Whether you have money or not there are many ways you can do this. To me it begins with you inside your soul knowing who you are. Learn to love yourself. Work on what you do not like, if it truly needs fixing, see a therapist if some help is needed and/or speak with your primary physician if need be. Why not live life as it is short and you never know what can happen tomorrow.

Here is what has been blessed upon me and mine. I have had the chance to go back to college and in the nursing field. I start August 22nd for nursing school. I am so happy to finally be able to finish this dream in my life! I had to take care of some mental health issues along with physical health issues. I am stable on both ends. I follow up with my physicians and worked hard to get where I am. I even began to work again, part time in assisted living. It is just right for me. I even was blessed with a car from my pastor. What are the chances?

I prayed God you put it in front of me. You help me with my anxiety, depression, Bipolar, and PTSD. He did. I prayed help me with my Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease and I am stable with 20% kidney usuage. Scary at that amount but great compared to where I started nearly two years when diagnosed. I may not be in “perfect” health but what is the picture of health today? I feel that I am doing fabulous!

Don’t get me wrong that I still get fatigued, I am w working two nights a week and one evening shift. I do have a chronic illness with no cure and it takes a toll on me but I am managing it and found a way too.

So I decided to live life by doing what I like, get back to working in the health care field. It is where I was at my best. It is what I know and I enjoy the people.

I also decided to live life by getting outside by walking downtown in Galena. Attending church frequently, hard on the night shifts I work the night before. But I’m managing as I can listen to the service online.

David and I have been going to the lake this summer enjoying the boat, the pool, swimming and relaxing.

Look for ways to enjoy your blessings in life. Find ways to do things without the cost so high. This can be year-round. The pictures below are from where we go in Apple River, Illinois called Apple Canyon Lake.

Time To Be Thankful

Every now and again I think it is a good idea to journal thoughts of gratefulness. It reminds us how blessed and lucky we are. It can help build us up in life. When things get tough it feels good to remind us of the beauty of our Earth. Trees, flowers, children, a home, car, or a job. If some of those are missing think of what you have.

This just what I needed reminding of this afternoon. Sometimes we all need reminding of what we are thankful for. Lately I feel as though God keeps reminding me how I have been selfish. I have been taking things for granted in life. What and who I have in my life. I need to be reminded apparently because I just feel it in my soul.

For me to begin this process I need to be fully aware of my surroundings in order to appreciate what is going on. Basically time to get rid of the selfish bug. So get comfortable, focus, and write down something, anything you find that you have in your life. Just think about it. After writing that list you will see how grateful and happy you are. You will then learn to appreciate what you have. Now this is something that will or may not happen in 30 seconds. But you might find something to be thankful/grateful for. I think it is worth a shot, don’t you.

So that’s my little snit bit for you all this afternoon. I hope you get a chance to remind yourselves of all you have. If you feel that there are things you need. There you go on another list. I love notebooks, journals, lists, and colored pens, markers, and pencils. You have no idea!

My Prayers For Aurora, Illinois

Yesterday a man at his workplace was, as they say “disgruntled”. He worked at his company for 15 years and was fired that day. Unfortunately he had a history that no one was aware of. He had a gun illegally. Yes I do wish laws were excellent all over so responsible people know how to use them. As in such, trained police officers, our military, people who hunt, etc.

People have free will on this Earth and we make our own choices. God gives us that. However, anyone can get a gun illegally. What we need to stop is people getting the guns illegally as well as when a F.O.I.D. card is suspended we need to find a way to get those guns. I do not know the numbers of people turning their guns in. This is no excuse for what this man did.

He killed 5 employees there. One was injured. I believe 6 police officers were injured. Aurora Police Department were right on top of it. They did what they signed up to do. The FBI helped. There were SWAT teams helping. It makes me proud of how Kane County got together. I was pleased to see our new Govenor make it up there. This showed how we all get together, in Illinois.

I moved away from the Kane County area in July but I still keep in touch with my friends out there. I was watching it from the moment I got the ABC 7 Chicago News Alert. It was to me just so close to home.

I cannot fathom what anyone there was feeling. My heart goes out to all of them. I do hope and pray for everyone, from those suffering to those first responders. How amazing to have all those ambulances there to help. We have a great state with a great group of first responders we need to respect and appreciate.

All I am is just grateful. And my prayers go out to our community in my state of Illinois. Yes it gets cold, snows, and icy but overall we can pick up the pieces together.

God Bless Everyone!


This morning that is exactly how I feel, coffeeless. I just made this word up. I was in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee. I was walking out of my kitchen with an empty juice glass. Yep I needed to wake up a bit more this morning.

I really needed my coffee this morning. Well, technically need and want are two different words. And I am a true coffee girl! We all have our special likes and needs in this world.

Right now David and I are doing these “diets”. I just do not care for the way that word had been used in my lowly 49 years of life. “A diet” should be something we need to eat in order to nurish our bodies. We need to nurish our bodies to survive and live in a healthy way. I looked up the word diet on Google. This is what I found:

Well, there it is the restrictions, etc. But sometimes with your health you need to do that. The word diet in this search is a noun and verb. I find this interesting. I would love to hear from my readers as what you think about the word “diet”. I am up to learning something new everyday.

My diet consists of a renal diet. I do this because I have Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease. I also choose to do this because:

1. Nephrologist just says just watch your sodium intake and protein.

2. I personally feel I need to do more for my CKD with my research.

3. I spoke with my PCP, he is an internist and 5 minutes from me, he is pleased I want to take action.

4. Let’s do this meal plan for you and to help you have quality of life for your stage in CKD.

So I feel that since I have had this disease (15 months now) I speak up even more for myself. I have no problem following the guidelines for a renal diet. I just really want my coffee to wake me up!!

Oh I know with health issues we may need to eat less of something, etc. I want a good quality of life with my family, no doubt. Things can be enjoyed with moderation, I get that. But I feel we should also enjoy our lives.

So no more making me coffeeless and on a tangent of nothingness again. Hope you all have a great day! Please tell me what you think about diets and if there something you need or want to get started for your day. I do have more things to get my day going but I was stomped with this coffeeless feeling. I hope you are all smiling and laughing! 🤪🤪


Tonight I leave you with this…

ROMANS 5:3-4 says, “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character;  and character, hope.” Think about how the rich man was with Lazarus. Father Abraham came to Lazarus. He was a faithful servant to God and he suffered as well. You can read along in Luke 16:19-31. There are many kinds of suffering in life, this is something that we each think about and give to God wholeheartedly. When this verse hit my eyes and lips tonight I felt the need to share it with you. I am a witness for sure in this case. But no matter what, when I slept outside in the rain at the train station upset at myself for making a dumb choice, I cried out to God and thanked Him. When I wasn’t sure what to do in my marriage once I thanked God for my beautiful girls. No car at times, brakes not working. It works best for me to thank Him up above for everything. Even if the day seems the most dark and sufferable day ever. You will find something. I know it!


I felt such anxiety while I sat in my bedroom. Why was everyone over? What am I gonna do? I trusted that man more than God. I hear the knock on my door. I had such fear in my heart to answer it. As I open the door my father appears. He is so hurt in his eyes and his voice. He should be as I hurt him and the family. I shamed them all. He told me to get out of the house. I kind of didn’t blame him at that time even though I was freaked out. His last words that day have haunted me for nearly five years. “I know you lost your mother, but I lost my wife.”  I still cry deep inside my soul as I hear those words cringe deep inside. I was “dating” a con artist. I chose him over my family. My dad’s family warned me and I didn’t care. I thought I know what I am doing. I didn’t believe anything anyone said. Well, I did not want to because I was lonely, depressed, and hopeful. I was in another world. I know I knew there were “red flags” and God telling me, “GET OUT KATHY”!! But I thought I knew what I was doing. As I look back at that day I realize that becoming “homeless” was the best thing for me. I was not perfect during my dark hours and my journey as I shall share with you soon. I am thankful to no longer be homeless and have my life. I  am trusting God again and moving on, moving forward.