Must Finish My Book

Yes, you read that title right. I have been trying to get my life story out. To be honest we all have one. As for mine it is a story of love, hate, kidnapping, abuse of all kinds, homelessness and so much more. You would think just those few things would be enough but it is not. I was also conned by someone and it destroyed my family. I also was in an abusive relationship. I deal with PTSD and I am in therapy managing it quite well.

I heard about “Wattpad” from another blogger where I can write my story and share it. I may try that out. I have also shared bits and pieces here on my blog about my story. I will continue to write it and I feel using WordPress for my blogging experience has helped.

Since the last week of February things have picked up in my life for writing on WordPress. I went from 20 followers to 100. For me that is amazing! I am so grateful for this experience and I will continue on. I believe reading from others helps you for your blog. Plus it is helping me with my writing for my story and I am truly grateful.

Have any of you found a site or an app that works great for you in writing a short story or a book? What suggestions can you give me and my readers?

Have a fabulous week everyone!



We all sometimes need a little help with an idea of what to write about. Whether it be for a novel, short story, or a piece of poetry. once in w while you have that bug to write but are not sure how to get that story out. So sometimes you either type away on your laptop or like me I am from back in the day when you had what we called a “rough draft”. They were generally written out on paper with pencil/pen. Then we would use a typewriter. I still carry a little notebook in my purse in case I feel like taking notes for a story or just feel like writing. Sometimes you just drive or walk by something and all of a sudden you begin a story in your mind to write down. It is amazing what a person can write about . Writing prompts can be either fiction or non-fiction. In fiction you can do fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, love and romance and much more. With non-fiction you can bring your life story out. You can also bring your life story out and put it in a fictitious character in order to get your message out. There may be some people when you do get your story out there that may not want to be named in your non-fiction book. So there are many options to get your book out there but no problem in getting some writing prompts out your way.

I will suggest that you find as many as you can “free” resources out there. The costs can add up after a while.

Whether you are just starting out in college or an adult starting out in college or returning to college find out if you English Department has a Creative Writing Club. This is an option to get you started it even get a club started. If you are pursuing a degree in English maybe you can take Creative Writing as an elective.

Your public library may have a class available as well as your Park District. There are generally local events and classes available to take. Sometimes for a small fee. I suggest adding your resources here, as in your local library as well as a local Community College. There may be a class for Creative Writing without college credit to get you going. Check with a local bookstore. Sometimes your mom and pop type shops have workshops in order to promote local authors.

Google is one place we all go to. Be wise and ask around when checking out what you are looking for. For five minutes you get this for free and then the low, low cost for such and such. Be careful of giving out any of your information, including what you wrote. There are many free e-books to download on how to write a book and great writing prompts. Again I always check with a person I trust. A previous English Professor or someone I took some writing classes with. You never know what they are using and how it is going for them.

As we know there is so much we can write about. Things such as: A beautiful sunset, a winter storm, children playing into the night, hearing the pitter patter of feet, listening to bands outside on your deck, setting sail in the sunshine, a thunderstorm rolling in, and much more. You can just start with a few words and somehow, someway, one day end up with that best seller. Honestly you never know. Keep your eyes open and you will see. Share with me below where you found your nice for writing. Please share any writing resources that are trustworthy for submitting a short story.

You Are Possible

We need to remind ourselves that we are possible to do and complete things in life. It may take time but you can manage it. I promise you. I hope and pray that you have someone to connect with in life, whether it be family and friends. Life is too short to not try. I know that we all struggle with many things, trust me, I have a list so big you will never finish reading it.


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These are the tools we use to express ourselves and put in important information.



No matter what you are going through, you have some way to express it. You do not need to go out and buy a fancy journal. Start out with a writing utensil and paper. You can talk through your writing.


Why Not Journal Sometime….

I love writing in my personal journal. It gives me relief of my daily life. Journal writing and yes I mean with a writing utensil; can be very effective to anyone’s life. I truly have been blessed to allow the words to just come to me in my journal. I have no clue what I plan on writing, it just happens.

I have noticed how we are an electronic world now. No more writing utencils in this lifetime. I feel that we all should have a journal like that. Now I do comprehend those who have health issues that may not allow them to do that, as well as typing. But my point is that we all have gotten away from having a journal or small notebook with us. Whether it is small or big; let the words flow through you. It could help you with something going on in your life; or poetry, a short story, or you could use it for non-fiction.

Everyone has a story to tell and I want to hear it! 61078a4e284e46b3c71dec7546cf07bf

I found this meme on Pinterest of course. This meme portrays the humor I have had with assignments in any educational setting as well as any professional setting. I am sure you can see this for yourself.

I have a little journal in my purse if the pen moves me. I look forward to adding these journals together one day or maybe someone will. My journals are mainly about my life. I try to seperate my life vs stories. Who knows what will hapen with them.

If you find yourself having a hard time journaling, try Pinterest and search journaling Prompts. There are a variety ideas on their site. ff02a95b3b1a6e6a3a5eecbb680f0f56

What is Beauty?

What is beauty to you?  I feel that I can find beauty in many different areas of our lives. For example, this afternoon on campus I simply held the door open for someone right after me. This I would do no matter what. It just happened to be an older gentleman, as in the age of grandparents. He is an Irishman and had such beautiful quotes to share with me. I was not expecting a major thank you. I feel that we all should be kind and open doors, etc for anyone. Just basic kindness. He mentioned Emily Dickenson. She was a fabulous writer of poetry. I feel she was a fabulous artist and was just beautiful! This gentleman shared with me the beauty of words we can share with others. Our words can help us help one another, lead someone or just cheer them up! It is amazing what we can do with words to be beautiful. Over the weekend I did not use my words wisely and really hurt someone who loves and cares for me. These are things we need to think about with what we say. Remember  words can not be taken back. Use the beauty of words, whether it be poetry, a letter, a book, short story or song. It can be the most beautiful thing we share with one another.