Welcome to my Adventures in life! I am so glad you stopped by. Let me tell you a little about myself. I started this blog in the Fall of 2016. I have been a tad bit slow on the taking. I am getting my niche figured out. I am educating myself to learn more about blogging and making money doing this as well. I want to continue to have fun doing this and learn from my readers/other bloggers I follow and who follow me.

I am a mom of two adult daughter’s; my oldest is a nurse and my youngest is a stylist. I am really proud of them. My oldest has a dog named Cooper, so I have grand-puppy there. My youngest has a son named Greyson, so I have a grandson there. I never thought at the age of 49 these things would happen in my life.

My interests are in sharing about health concerns to help one another, reading, writing, reviewing products, review just about anything, chat, go to church, be with my family, food and nutrition, learning new recipes, music, social media, you name it I think it is there. I do like to learn new things and try new things as well.

Do you have a product you would like me to test out for you? I would be glad to share about it on my blog and other social media accounts and post pictures/video if need be. The product could be food, movies, books, homecare items, etc. The idea is to promote it and share with others. Please go to my “contact me” link and we can work that out.

Once again welcome to my world! Glad you are here!

Photo by Nina Uhlu00edkovu00e1 on Pexels.com

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